Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Arteypico Award!

I am absolutely honoured that a very dear friend has picked me as one of the 5 peeps that inspire her. I'm so flattered in fact I had to blog it straight away (my poor neglected blog....LOL).

Karen has awarded this to me and now I have to name 5 peeps that inspire me.

That is an immense task as I'm lucky enough to have many inspirational people in my life but as I can only pick 5 I will go for:

Jules in Tasmania. He doesn't have a blog unfortunately or an online gallery that I'm aware of but his work can be viewed by registering at Toggers a photography forum. He photographs the most amazing landscapes and he lives on the beautiful island of Tasmania.

For scrapbooking it has to be Caroline Her work is truly fabulous and at last she has picked herself to be part of the design team for her kits (not before time either)!!

Another photographer has to be David Worthington Unfortunately another that will not be able to keep this award going but he is pure inspiration for portrait and wedding photography. I have been lucky enough to attend one of his seminars and it was fantastic and to be honest, you couldn't meet a nicer guy! Oh....and he's got an MX5 too so that always goes down well in my book...LOL!

For resiliance in the face of adversity has to be Joanne, I think you know who you are lovely! A true inspiration and a damn good card maker.

Last but not least is my hubby Tony. He has inspired me to do many things in my life and together we have achieved more than we ever thought we would.

Thank you Karen for the award *insert huge grinning smilie here*