Sunday, October 29, 2006

Relax and Creative!!

I really enjoyed doing these layouts in Shimelles class, I got alot more satisfaction out of these than I did with Angry and Sad.

Again I had to include some areas for hidden journalling and I'm keen to make all my pages completely different because I think my moods are all so different also!!

On the relax page I have created a little pocket with a top opening and inserted a tab complete with another, hopefully relaxed, picture of me.

On creative I decided to manipulate a couple of pics to try and emphasise my creative side (hope it works). I then added a couple of steel hinges so the photos flap out to reveal a space for more hidden journalling or maybe some more pics.

I now need to think about taking some more mood photos of me, back to the drawing board hey!!

On a normal day to day life in general note! I've had a really busy week but I think next week will be better so I'm hoping I'll be able to focus a little more on some of my crafty projects.

Ooh, and absolutely shock horror, I have to admit I BOUGHT some Christmas cards yesterday. They were on special offer and totally gorgeous and I got 18 for £6.40 so thats 18 less that I have to make - yippee!! I'll take a pic of them in the week and upload.

Right, off out soon, seez you later.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Angry and Sad

No, not literally, I rarely am, thank goodness but these are the next 2 pages that I have done for Shimelles class. (As usual, I finished the LO's after it had got dark outside so needless to say the photography is pants in artificial light).

I found them difficult, as I say, I'm rarely either and it was especially hard to have "Angry" inspiration.

The photos are black and white except for my eyes in both photos, they are my natural steely grey/green LOL!

Again, I want to add hidden journalling at a later date so I have added tabs to both LO's as shown in the bottom pics. I'm glad I settled down to these tonight, I've had a really busy day and I felt I was getting a little behind with Shimelles class so it was good to get 2 more moods done.

I have already sorted out pics for Creative and Relaxed, hopefully they will be a little easier to do!

No stunning news unfortunately, just far too much work on at the moment, I'll be glad when the end of the month comes (the bulk of it has to be done by then) so hopefully this time next week I'll have plenty of time to be creative.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yesterdays crop

A quick post, off out in a bit.

I had an absolutely fabby day yesterday. I was soooo nervous when I got there, you know, the heart in your mouth type feeling!! but everyone was so friendly.

Emma showed us some layouts using multiple photos so I had a go at one of them yesterday. It was a great learning curve for me as the majority of my LO's are only single photos. I'll post a piccie up later. Vicky cooked up a fabulous soup for lunch (fortunately I'm in her recipe swap, so I'll be cooking some of it myself soon).

After lunch Emma showed us how to make a paper bag book, another first for me. I haven't decorated mine yet (such a slow coach that I am at scrapping) but when I have I'll stick a piccie on here.

I should have a bit more creative time later so I'll sort some pics out, I also need to make a Christmas card - yikes! for a card swap I'm in and I really want to get further on with Shimelles class, feeling a little behind now!!

Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg on my creative "To Do" list but I'm getting there LOL!

Thanks for popping in Gems :-) I'll be doing a bit of blog hopping later to catch up with all of your news.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Red sky in the morning.......

Shepherds warning! So they say, and they say just right too.

This pic was taken in Aultbea in the Scottish Highlands on the morning we were travelling back to the South of England. I must admit is was an amazing red sky, I couldn't resist a pic, it was taken from our hotel window as we were packing!

The journey started okay but when we reached Inverness and got onto the A9 the heavens just opened. It absolutley chucked it down all the way to Carlisle!!

Anyway, moving on. I haven't done any more to Shimelles class today, or yesterday as it happens. I've been quite busy at work and too tired in the evening but I have managed to take some sad and angry pics of me, I'm having a play with them at the moment!!

I've got another busy day tomorrow but I'm hoping to get some time to look at my sad page for the class. I'm off to my first ever crop on Saturday "EEK". I'm looking forward to it but also nervous but I'm sure it will be fine. I'll let you know how I get on, they are running a couple of classes that I'm hopefully going to do so that will be fab.

Catch uze all later x

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shimelles Class - Happy

Well I've completed the "Happy" entry for my "You think you know me" book. I decided to cut the large photo of me into 4 sections that lift up individually. I will do some more personal journalling there when I've got more time to think about it.

I had to include a picture of Tony cos he makes me happy, so quite fitting I thought LOL!

Still using more of my precious BG, never thought a craft knife would pass over it but hey, can't keep stroking it can I!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Shimelle's Class

Well Istarted the class today and made my front and back covers.

Used my beloved BG as well as a few other bits and bobs. Although it took me ages to start this I'm pleased with the end result, I sort of based my idea on Kristi's book as I quite fancy a mish mash sort of look which really reflects me!! Although mine isn't a patch on Kristi's but hey ho!!

I'll probably add some ribbons and the like to the book rings when I've finished but at the moment it is just completely empty.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Arrow chucking and a very late night!

Had a really late night last, didn't go to bed until gone 2am. We went to a darts presentation night for a league that I used to run until this year (scrapping has taken over LOL) and I was asked to present the trophies.

Neither of us really wanted to go but once we got there it was actually great to catch up with people, some we hadn't seen in years, so a good night really.

Tony was entered into the singles competition, not his choice but hey!! Although he was a very good dart player in his day he hasn't played in months and didn't have his own darts so we were all slightly amazed when he beat a pretty good opponent in the opening round. To cut a long story short, he progressed through to the final after numerous rounds and he won - yipee!! I was suitably impressed LOL!

I did the dutiful thing and presented all the trophies but because it was sooo late we had to cancel our cab and ended up getting a lift home with an old friend and his wife. In they came for coffee, hence the 2am bedtime!!

Needless to say I woke up at my customary 5.30 this morning and of course unable to sleep, I've normally got 100 crafting things going on in my head so there was no way I was going back off to sleep.

Anyway, after visiting my mum this morning I did actually manage to finish the ATC's I'd started yesterday, Bubbly Funk's October swap, Black and White! So here is a little example!

I have a few other things I want to look at today but I don't think I'll be too late to bed, yawning already LOL.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Knockan Crag and "The Bell"

This pic is of Knockan Crag in the Scottish Highlands. I haven't altered it in any way, it was as black as black above us but the sun was shining on the mountain in the distance. I hope the camera has captured it well!

As much as I love going on holiday I have really, really missed creating and I was desperate to get back to it today.

The Bubbly Funk Design team challenge this month is to use some Angel blooms in a variety of ways but to use at least a couple in a Christmassy theme so for my first effort I have created this rather wacky bell shaped decoration. I was rather pleased with actually, mind you, it was the 3rd bell shape I had cut. The first 2 were absolute pants!!

I also managed to just about finish my cj entry for posting on Monday, I musn't forget to take pics tomorrow and I've also started my Bubbly Funk October ATC's. Black and White theme so something a bit different.

I've still to study more of Shimelles work book, do some recipe cards and lots of other stuff before I can even think of Christmas. Note to self: Don't sign up for anything else!!!

Talking of Christmas, I so love the brown and golds that are coming out this year but I just musn't buy any more decorations. I have a major passion for Christmas and I have decorations in red, blue, silver, burgundy, gold and I just pick a colour scheme each year. Family even ask me what colour I'm doing so they wrap presents to the right theme!! I just love it when everything coordinates but I do wish they hadn't brought out these gorgeous browns and golds, would go so well in my living room too LOL! Oh well, we'll see!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back from the Scottish Highlands

Well, all can say is WOW! What an amazing place. We had a bit of changeable weather up there, obviously! It is October after all and on one of the days we kept seeing the most fabulous Rainbows. I managed to get a pic of one.

I have never been to the Scottish Highlands before and I would certainly go again. We stayed in Aultbea, between Gairloch and Ullapool (my sincerest apologies if I have spelt anything wrong).

Now I would say it was pretty remote, the locals didn't seem to think so but when your nearest Tescos is some 70 odd miles away, I'm afraid that is remote to me!

The scenery is absolutely stunning, the sheep are suicidal and the local drivers are completely fearless! but we had an absolutely fab time.

When I'm less tired I will post a few more piccies on here to share :-)

Seez ya soon x Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Happiness" and "Christmas Folk Art"

Can't believe it's Tuesday already, so apologies my blogging chums, for no entries since Saturday.

A couple of little crafty bits to show you. My altered monogram for Linda's swap on Bubbly Funk, I've never done one before so I've got no idea if it's okay.

Also one of the ATC's for Carolines swap on UKS entitled Christmas Folk Art. Yet another new one on me but I quite like the way this one has come out, I must have a thing about clocks at the mo. Mind you this one doesn't tick.

Talking of ticking, my altered cd clock is still going and it keeps reasonable time so I'm pleased about that.

Ooh, really exciting news too. I've signed up for Shimelle's class that starts mid October, I am so looking forward to it. I really feel I could do with learning more about this scrapping lark so I'm gradually going to build up a collection of books and do these sorts of lessons to get to know as much as I can. I still feel very proud to be on Bubbly Funks design team and I want to do my very best so I'm keen to take new techniques on board.

Anyway, busy time coming up so I'll get back when I can.

Nearly forgot, hee hee, don't forget to wish Caroline of Bubbly Funk a Happy Birthday tomorrow.