Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ally Pally

Went to Ally Pally today, so I took a quick pic of some of my purchases - yey!

Had an absolutely brilliant day. Got an early train this morning and then the tube up to Wood Green. Then you either catch the W3 bus or jump on the freeby Palace bus, which we did, even though the W3 would have been free as we'd got one of those Away Day tickets.

Although there was a long queue it soon filed in and there was loads of room inside.

Spent loads of money and could of spent more so we left earlier than expected, otherwise I'd have been applying for a mortgage LOL!

On the way back we stopped off to see the new Emirates Stadium, Arsenal Football Clubs new home. It is awesome, what an amazing place! Of course Tony was giving me the grand commentary on it, and hey, why not. After 6 years of waiting he finally has his season ticket and pleased as punch he is too.

We got back to Victoria Station and had a yummy, but incredibly calorie laden lunch, chicken wrapped in bacon with melted cheddar cheese - YUM YUM YUM! Then back home and now playing with my new stash, all in all a really good day.

Off to play some more LOL!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Altered CD!

Well I finished my cd today. The face of the clock is the cd, I covered this and another circular piece in cardstock and of course, my beloved BG!!

The numbers are just printed up on the computer and embossed and I added a few papermania bits and pieces, chipboards words and threaded a couple of eyelets with fibres and beads.

I bought an old clock in a charity shop for a couple of quid and took of the hands and clock motor (or whatever you call it) and mounted it all into the clock.

It's ticking so that's handy, how well it will keep time is another thing, we'll see.

Really tired today so off to bed soon x

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Introducing Rukki!

Bubbly Funks week 3 challenge: What's in YOUR wallet!! Well handbag actually!! And well actually, I don't normally carry one so I settled for a LO of "Rukki" our faithful rucksack that does all the hard work when we're out bless him.

Oh, and get a load of these beauties. Another challenge (on another forum) that I had to complete was to alter something, the wackier the better so tadah!! Altered toe separators, you know, the things you use when you're putting nail varnish on.

Me done for today, still working on my altered cd and the plan is coming together nicely at the mo ;-)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Thank you Tracey for the tag.

The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

Right I am going to tag Caroline, Natalie, Heather, Gaye and Beth (I'm sure some of you may have been tagged before, sorry, but I haven't got that many blogging chums)!!!

Here goes:

1/. My hair is dead straight, not even the slightest kink in it. Even my hairdresser gets apprentices to try and dry a curl in it for a laugh!

2/. I've got small feet for my height apparently (5 ft 8" and size 5 feet).

3/. I had braces on my teeth in my 30's. Decided I couldn't eat properly so something had to be done (cost and arm and a leg mind you)!!

4/. I can't hold the phone to my right ear, just feels strange and I can't hear properly, ooer!

5/. I can move a vein in the back of my hand side to side over a tendon I have there. DH thinks that's weird, I'm used to it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Some things just look pants uploaded!

This LO actually looks quite pretty IRL but when I uploaded it, it looks absolute pants! Oh well, never mind.

I did this for the Roz and Kirsty monthly BOM prompt. It's actually a 12" x 12" LO and my BOM is 8" x 8" but I was going to put it in an album that will eventually just have random photos of Tony and I.

Having no kids or pets, people as subjects tend to be a bit limited for me but it'll be nice for us to look through when we're old and wrinkly LOL!

I'm in the throws of altering a cd, another first in Di's world of artistry (roll eyes). OOh and the whole evening to myself tomorrow as Tony is off to another footy match, I'm loving his season ticket, yey! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Did some ATC's yesterday. The images come from a crafters companion book but they are just outline images. I printed them out onto some watercolour paper and painted them with some Maestro Craft paints. I then finished them off using gold and silver pens and some glittery gel pens for a bit of interest.

It was nice to get the paints out again, something I used to do a lot of years ago.

Got the day to myself today, Tony's gone to footy but the trains are playing up Yet Again! I think he's getting a bit fed up with British Rail, bless him!

I going to cook a curry later, we have been on this healthy eating trip for weeks now, it's worked because I've lost a stone and back down to my pre "giving up the weed" weight but it is just plain dull so I'll look forward to that later - yum yum, I do love my food.

If I do anything else creative I'll update you all later. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Bubbly Funk Design Team Layout

Posted by Picasa At last I have uploaded a pic (it has been a right pain even with Picasa)!

I typed a lovely long piece earlier all about this LO but it's been lost twice now so I'm not a happy bunny!!

Anyway, this is another Bubbly Funk Design Team Challenge LO. This time a pic of Tony taken in Cornwall in June when we flaked out in the shade of a tree in bro's paddock.

The title is hand cut, something I have started to find quite theraputic and I did some distressing on this one too, all very enjoyable actually.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well could be to anything really, crisps, peanuts, cheese, muffins (anything that adds 2 inches to my waist). I decided on Stash though, my latest offering for the Bubbly Funk Challenges. I'm a bit late, this is week 2 and we're in week 3 already but, hey, I had to tidy up before I took the pics LOL!

I had to add a small pic of my Basic Grey collection, which, incidentally, is growing but probably because I only stroke it. It breaks my heart to cut into a piece.

Not much time today, stuff to do so going to nip off to Tesco for a couple of bits and then back to the rest of the Chicken Jambalaya I cooked the other day. It is actually quite Yum but a little on the warm side, phewy!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ribbon Storage

Well my ribbons were a bit of a joke really, didn't know what I had or in what colour, I just kept buying more and shoving them in a box. So I came up with this, it's actually an old laser cartridge box that has the flap over top so I set about covering it with some more of that adorable wrapping paper I'd bought from that posh shop. I virtually took up a whole sheet - eek! but it's just a lovely paper, it has strokeable bits on it if you know what I mean LOL!

Anyway, I made up a sections to go inside similar to the inside of a box that holds 6 bottles of wine, you drinkers amongst you will know what I mean!

I then punched some holes in the top of the box in 3 differents sizes to allow for differing widths of ribbon and voila. Shoved the ribbons in and poked them through the holes.

It's taken me hours but worth it as I now stand a chance of selecting the right ribbon for the job! LOL!

Right, printers finished doing some more pics, off to do a layout.

Catch you all laterz! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Flying through the backlog!!!

Well, I'm having a good week. I've finished the ATC's for the Bubbly Funk September swap and here they are!!! The theme is "Pets" in case that isn't completely obvious to you LOL!

I also did my entry for the Summertime CJ but I haven't photgraphed it yet so I'll upload another time.

I've decided to sign up for the Altered Monogram swap on BF, I've never done one of those before so it should be quite interesting. Not quite sure what letters we're doing yet, whatever it is though I'll be cutting it out myself so I'd better find an easy font to use.

I haven't done the BF challenges either apart from the first one so I'm going to look at those. I haven't done an actual Layout for a while so I'll enjoy the change.

Went to Brighton yesterday, shopping, it's a fascinating place. I have been there lots of times before but Scrapbooking has made me more Arty Farty and I'm now more aware of the different types of shops. There is an area called "The Laines" and some of the shops along there are totally unique, I could have spent ages in them.

Took mum out shopping this morning and bought some more fab wrapping paper that's similar to the one I used to cover my art journal. And I mislead you all, I thought it was around 70p per sheet but I was completely wrong, it was £1.75 a sheet - EEK! Now I know why I only bought a couple of sheets.

Off to prepare chilli con carne for dinner and share a couple of bevvies with the old man while we cook. Always a good time for a great chin wag. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bubbly Funk Design Team Challenge

Well Caroline sent through some lovely Hippie Chick papers and BG Ribbon and this is my first ever Design Team Challenge. :-)

I'm really quite please with the result as I don't normally work with such bright colours but I had some pictures of a Horse Fancy Dress that I ran over 20 years ago - eek and they seemed to fit the bill.

I decided on a mini book to accomodate all the photos, I even dragged the sewing machine out of the corner to include a bit of stitching.I was a bit nervous about it so I hope it's okay, I've still got some papers left so I'll see what I can do with those for the rest of the paper.

I'm now working on some ATC's for the September Bubbly Funk swap and I haven't even looked at their weekly challenge yet!! I've also still got an entry for a CJ to do yet (got another week and a half for that) so it's nice to be really busy with things to do. Just a shame work keeps getting in the way, I could quite easily scrap all day. Oh well never mind.

Anyway, talking of work, I MUST do some, hopefully back to the nicer things later.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

"Simply Him"

Completed another LO of Tony this morning. It looks a bit wishy washy on here but the colours are a little brighter than this in real life. I was pleased with this one and it didn't seem to take forever to do so perhaps I'm getting better at this scrapping lark!!

Got the Design Team kit from Caroline yesterday, well, it is just fab. Lovely bright colours, brighter than I would normally use but good for me to be faced with the challenge.

I've got quite a few ideas that I'm playing around with and a some pics that I've scanned that I think will go well with these papers.

It was a nice surprise to see one of my blogging buddies had popped in and left a comment today, "I will swap to Beta, I promise, hun"

Looking forward to the weekend as ever, going to take mum shopping tomorrow and then back later to settle down to some scrapping (surprise, surprise) cos Tony's off to footy, yippee - good job he doesn't read my blog LOL!!

Ooh, while I remember, got some great coasters in Tesco today. 4 hard backed coasters in a little sturdy box, absolutely fab for altering, for £1.49 - bargain!!

Off to play with some 20 year old pics, see what I can do with them LOL!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yet another new project!!!

Right, I've covered my Art Journal. Quite pleased with it actually, the paper is gorgeous. It's wrapping paper from a posh shop in town. I only bought 2 different sheets (from memory, about 70p per sheet) but I'm going to try and get back there to buy some more, it's lovely quality.

When I actually start the inside is another matter. I've been looking for inspiration on the net and I've found a few sites that I quite like. I guess I've always been slightly arty so I think I'll enjoy being able to let go with paints and pencils and stuff.

I'm not entirely sure what way to go on theme either. Alot of people tend to do a journal on their innermost feelings but I kind of want this to be cheery and bright so I may go on a theme, maybe holidays or happy snippets of my daily life. I'm not sure I'm ready to expose the inner me to anyone just yet LOL!!

Sorry I promised canine pics didn't I!! Yes I took a few so I'll stick one in here somewhere. I must also get around to converting to beta blogger, I might have a look at that later as everyone seems to be going that way (and I miss a blogging buddies little ditties on here too).

Oooh, and I'm looking forward to getting my first Design Team pack, it's very exciting but also a bit nerve wracking, I hope I'm ready for the challenge :-)

Right, I'll go and see if I can sort out a pic or 2 of a woofer. Posted by Picasa

Here's Adam, he's just retired and our friends are going to be having him in 3 weeks time. Don't let the grey chops fool you, he's only 5!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Don't try this at home!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you try to smile for the camera whilst attempting to stop your wrinkles from showing at the same time!!!!!!!! You end up looking like a deformed frog!!

I'm having a bit of "My God, I'm 42" paranoia and I've got to the stage where I'm convinced that the wrinkles round my eyes are doubling daily!

I've now taken to avoiding mirrors at all costs, it's just a bit tricky when you're putting your make up on!

It's a good thing I'm a bit of a hermit and don't actually go out much. Of course, there is a big disadvantage to that because my friends only see me once in a blue moon so the next time they cross my path I'll just be one huge mass of wrinkles LOL!

Anyway, enjoying scrapping at the mo, Tony's been out for the last 2 days so no interruptions. I've started and finished the cj entry I had to do by Monday but I already have the next one as Jilly had to send early. She is such a hard act to follow in the cj's, her entries are always sooo good, I've had to work extra hard on my entries just to try and keep up the fabby standard.

I've started a LO for the Bubbly Funk weekly challenge "Call the Fashion Police", I've managed to find the most awful school and teenager pics of me that I possibly can. One is particularly bad, lets just say it involves a swimming costume, green swimming hat and a pair of black elasticated plimsoles! Do you remember black plimsoles - yuk!! Anyway, it's going to be another addition to my BOM, as if anyone would want to look at those pics, but hey, never mind!

Right, that's it from me, off to the dogs tomorrow so might have some canine pics to put up. Posted by Picasa