Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bubbly Birthday Cards....

Over on the Bubbly Funk forum we have a birthday club.  It's lovely because you receive so many cards on your birthday that have been beautifully handmade.

Anyway, I have actually photographed all the ones I have received because I know the Bubblies like to see what everyone has done, so here they are:

Sue W


Carol (who isn't actually in the birthday club but she sent me this gorgeous card):











Janice, a fabulous and very funny digital card:

And Wooz, who has just started cardmaking....isn't it fab :o)

Thank you everyone for my beautiful cards xxxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More storage designing.........

It's been hectic here.....not only have I been designing and crafting the advent calendar from yesterday but I've put together the latest storage release for Tando Creative.

Anyway, this is soooo going to organise my unmounted stamps, I have already started to get them put away in the PVC pockets, I'm just waiting for some more to arrive and I'll do the rest of them.

All the deets can be found on the Tando Creative blog but here's some piccies to have a looksie at.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Octagonal Christmas Advent......

Now this took a bit of planning LOL....in fact it took me 3 days, on and off, to work out the angles for this piece but I managed it in the end.  I guess my engineering background helped a bit with this ha ha!!

There are 24 little drawers in 3 banks of 8 for a daily gift and the top lifts off to reveal a place for the final prezzie on the big day.

I also cut little chippie sleighs, snowflakes, stars, trees, gifts and holly sprigs to put on each drawer.  I will be doing a tut for this asap to explain all the details but it's design means it's really easy to put together.  More info will be on the Tando blog tomorrow.

I've had so much fun making this....I think I may be making more!! 

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

More storage.....

Well I've been designing for Tando again and here is the latest storage solution, a revolving desk caddy...

I painted this with Eco Green acrylic paints and added some Artbrush Alphas for the wording on the sides.  The shelves are removable so it's easier to decorate.

I managed to get an awful lot of stuff in it.......

Monday, August 02, 2010


Over at Vanilla Sugar this months theme is to make or decorate a frame.  Well of course I had to use a Tando Creative frame...the little 6" x 6" ones are fab for this kind of thing.

As well as the frame I also used Tando inchies, twinchies, dominoes, flourishes, cogs and alphas so a real Tando overload ha ha!

Anyhoo, I've also written step by step instructions for this which you can find HERE.