Friday, September 26, 2008

Bubbly Funk Cybercrop

What a hoot that weekend was. On the 20th and 21st September we had an amazing two day cybercrop on Bubbly Funk and the classes that the girlies did were all absolutely fantastic.

I put in a couple of classes too, all the items I'm going to put in the sale, a car organiser folder:

I purposely kept the docorating simple as I guessed it may appeal to a man more than a woman and I didn't think he'd appreciate ribbons all over it LOL!

I have to thank my brother Paul here too. The pockets inside are made from cold laminating pouches and I didn't realise they were so difficult to get hold off when I did the supply list. Caroline had put together a fantastic cybercrop kit and had tried to source them to put in the kit. Paul came to the rescue, his company Celsur Plastics make them and he very swiftly got a box despatched to Caroline so she could put them in the kit......thanks Paul.

I also did a couple of canvasses:

Been so Busy

Well Think Pink is well and truly getting close now and I have to say, I have been soooo busy with it all. I really do not stop from 6am until 10pm everyday!

I have been blogging loads over on the Think Pink blog so once it has all finished I will definately be updating this blog so much more.

Here's the September kit projects for Bubbly Funk:

Garden Organiser folder, these folders are so easy to make.

Little house: well it actually stands about 8" tall but of course you can make them any size you like. All the instructions are on the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog.

Simply Us Altered Board Book: