Thursday, January 06, 2011

Art journalling .......... LOL!!

Now I love art, I used to paint alot before I got into crafting and eventually Tando!!

I've been intrigued by art journalling for some time and admire many peeps work.  As I'm full of cold and feeling pretty yucky I felt like curling up on the sofa last night and doing very little.  Now I'm no TV watcher so I decided to grab a couple of sheets of A4..ish paper and some paints and have a little dabble.

The art bit I can get, the journalling bit I can't.  I could of said lots of things about the journey of life and how you never know which path to take etc etc but I somehow couldn't get that down on the paper.

Anyhoo, my rather feeble attempt is below, I rather like the boots, I fancy a pair myself  LOL!  I thoroughly enjoyed painting a picture rather than painting a bit of chippie for a change and I think I will paint again whenever I can but I'm not sure about the journalling bit ha ha!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another house and mini book.....

....this one I will be making at a workshop at Bubbly Funk next month.

I treated myself to a Big Shot.....yes, yes, I know I'm miles behind everyone else.  I also got a load of embossing folders, they are fab.  Actually it was Zoe's fault, she very successfully embossed some Tando chippie and that swayed me to go out and spend "too much" money LOL.

I've used a couple of embossing folders for this....on bazzil rather than straight on the chippie and lots of one of my fave brands....Viva Decor.