Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Been shoppin'

I just can't resist.....we went shopping for prezzies tonight, well late this afternoon and we were meant to be buying prezzies for Tony's Mum and Dad.

We did get some prezzies for them but I bumped into these little chaps and just couldn't resist their little rosy cheeks..........aren't they just gorgeous.

Of course earlier today I had to visit a customer right next door to a craft shop and found these little packets of Wintery embellies. I just lurved the little mittons and hats, and of course the little snowmen, well all of them actually so that was it!!!! I have already got a very good use for them but I can't say on here.....wink wink....promise to post a piccie after Christmas though.

It's been very hectic, work has been quite manic and I seem to have so many preparations to sort out for Christmas. I think the Bubbly Funk Christmas inspiration is finally sorted and I do just want to say thanks to Chris from B.F. she has been a huge help and taken over half of the organisation of it all so I'm VERY grateful. So please pop over and have a nosey at our inspirational ideas starting..............wait for it..............tomorrow..........EEK, I hope the first day goes ok at least!

Right that's it from me, I'm hopefully putting some dec's up Friday so I'll take a piccie or two.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

URGH - smell of paint.

Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a week - TUT TUT!! No excuse for not posting during last week but I have had a VERY good excuse for not posting this weekend!!!

Our office was in dire need of a bit of a freshen up - paint the ceiling, walls, storage cupboard and paintwork etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday afternoon we emptied the office which means:
a/. No internet (EEK!) and
b/. No crafting space (ABSOLUTELY HUUUUUUGE EEK!)

Saturday spent painting (well Tony did) and sorting out paperwork (my job).

Sooooo NO internet or crafting on Friday or Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

We did watch War of the Worlds on Saturday night, it's the first film I have watched in months and I actually quite enjoyed it - recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it yet!!

Sunday morning - started to get the office back to normal and actually useable by just after lunchtime. I'm happy now, got my internet back and access to my stash again's Monday again tomorrow - YUK!!

Ooooh, just to let you know. The Bubbly Funk Christmas Inspirational countdown starts on Thursday 30th November so do take a looksy at B.F's forum. I sort of got involved in doing........well.............pretty much most of it!!

That's it from me for now :-)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ha ha this is great!

Found this on Gayes blog, ha ha ha, loving the "Damp Sponge nicknamed Leaky" LOL!!

'What" will your obituary say?' at

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Misty morning

We got up early to go for a walk this morning. We had to drive towards Chichester so we went up Bury Hill which isn't far from us. It was quite foggy but when we got to the top of the hill the landscape was amazing. We'd risen above the morning mist and I managed to get these shots, I think it must have been about 8.30ish this morning.
We had a fabulous walk for a couple of hours and then popped back to McDonalds. Now I haven't been to McD's for a long time, I'm not normally all that keen on their food but they've now brought in a range of deli foods and we had a beef and red onion relish roll. I have to admit it was absolutely delicious and has changed my way of thinking about McD's.
Now back home I'm settled into a spot of creativity, I really must finish the cj entry I started a few days ago and I have a whole host of things I want to get made and organized for Christmas and time is just passing me by way too quickly.
Seez you all later xx

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bubbly Funk at the NEC

Well, here we are, ha ha ha. From the left we have Mel, Caroline, Me, Rosie and Di.
We had a fabby, fabby day, none of us had met before and it was great to see each other for real.
Caroline got the T Shirts made AND guessed all our sizes correctly (especially Mel, as she needed XXXXXXXL). Not long to go now Mel!
A big, big fanks to Rosie for emailing the piccie over so I could put it on here.

First Christmas prezzie made!!!

Well I've finished my first Christmas Prezzie. This is a little tag book for Tony's mum. We took his parents away to Cornwall in June and, of course, I took loads of pics. We've given a set of pics to them already but I picked out 6 of the best ones and mounted them into a little tag book.
The cover paper is some of the fabby wrapping paper I buy for silly amounts of money in a local shop. It only gets used on special peeps so I guess Tony's mum is a special peep.
I've actually started making a card today for the Bubbly Funk Christmas card swap, thankfully I only have to make the one!! I'm quite pleased with the way it's going but I'm just not a fan of making cards these days.
No other news at the mo, except I am counting the days down to the 1st December, I am sooo excited about putting the decs up. We've already planned our menus over Christmas because we've now got confirmation of who's coming when. Once I've decided once and for all what my colour scheme is I'll be able to buy the co-ordinating wrapping paper - WOO HOO - can't wait.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Where has this last week just gone! In fact what is happening to November?

I've had a really good week, well the tail end of it was anyway.

Tony and I went to Birmingham on Thursday afternoon to meet Caroline and Rosie of Bubblyfunk at the travelodge we were all staying in.

There was a bit of a hiccup with telephone numbers but we got together in the end. It was so nice to meet them after all the cyber chatting we'd been doing.

We went off to the NEC on Friday, Caroline and Rosie had already been there on the Thursday, they were demoing the Xyron Personal Cutting System and myself, Di and Mel, also from the Bubblyfunk Design Team were meeting us there.

It was a fab day apart from the fact that my bottle went and there was no way I was going to do any demo's. Actually, I was all keen to have a go until I watched Rosie do a demo first. Well, she is a complete natural and, quite frankly, I would have looked like a total berk along side her so my confidence went down to zilch.

Anyway, it was great to meet all the girls and I'd love to meet up with them again sometime, Tony took pics of us all but our camera died just as we took ours so I'm hoping Caroline or Rosie will email theirs so I can get a piccie on here. And, the biggest surprise of all, I didn't spend any money there - phew, what a shock.

I thought I'd show you the latest additions to my Christmas collection, the Santas I bought in Scotland when we were up there and the little hanging signs I bought in a shop in town. Aren't they just fabaroo. I keep seeing those blasted brown baubles that are absolutely gorgeous, Tony even asked me how much it would set us back if I added yet another colours to my growing collection. But, I'm not going to buy them before Christmas, I'll wait and see whats in the sales. I've only used the burgundy and gold collection once so I think they should really come out again for a second year.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Look what I won!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited, do you remember the altered CD clock I put on here a few weeks ago. Well I entered into the Altered Art competition on Scrapstars and I won.
My prize came today and I'm sooooo chuffed, there is just so much stuff there, thank you so much to the Scrapstars team.
I can't wait to start playing, I've got canvas bags, boxes and a fabby tin to alter, coasters and a fabby 12" x 12" scrapbook cover and just loads of other things.
Off to start playing now :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

November ATC's - Christmas

Well I had 9 ATC's to do for the Bubbly Funk November swap and the theme was Christmas. These are meant to be sort of Folk Art style and I really enjoyed making them. I didn't quite finish them last night, I still had a few threads to tie through the buttons. We went for a lovely walk this morning but my hands were cold when we got back and, boy, it was hard work tying those threads.
Talking of walks, I had hoped to capture a few "Autumnal" shots this morning but all the trees round here are still too green so I may have to wait a while longer.
Shimelles Christmas Class is up for sign ups, I'm soooo tempted but it's double the price of the last class. Mind you it is 37 daily prompts which is alot but I'm always so busy in December, I'll have a bit of a think!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brainy and Curious - ha ha ha

Well, as you can see, my best attempt at looking brainy was to peer over the top of a dictionery ha ha ha!!

So the next 2 pages are done for Shimelles class, I enjoyed doing these to and really getting into this hidden journalling lark. On brainy, the page itself has been built up with thick card as I needed to disguise the steel hinges from the creative page but what I've done is made a recess under the photo and inserted a 3 fold mini book (yet to be decorated and journalled). The mounted photo has ribbon for hinges and a little piece of velcro to secure it.

For the curious page I have created a pocket at the bottom and put in a 4 page mini book (again yet to be decorated etc) and fitted eyelets and used ribbons and beads to hold it together.

The words Brainy and Curious are hand cut but in the same colour as the main card, I sought of felt I didn't want the word Brainy to be too bold. It gives an embossed feel to the pages.

I've got the whole day to myself today and the morning has just flown, why doesn't it go this quick during the week.

I received a rather natty jigsaw piece from Caroline at Bubbly Funk this morning, 9 of us have a piece each and we've been asked to decorate them in a Christmas theme and send back to Caroline. She'll then put them together and put a pic on Bubbly Funks site so pop over and take a look, the completed puzzle should be on there by the beginning of December. To give you an idea of size, the completed puzzle is 12" x 12" so they're pretty big, approx 4" x 4" each piece!!

Right well, time is precious and I can't sit around here chatting all day.

Whatever you're doing, have a fabaroony weekend, catch you all later.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Switched to Beta

Well "SLOW" I may be but I get there in the end and I have now switched to Beta.
I haven't had a chance to really see the difference yet but I was absolutely pulling my hair out just before I upgraded because I just COULD NOT get a picture to upload!!!

Anyway, moving off of my soapbox. One of my latest creations is this altered coaster, or beer mat in my case and I'll give you 3 guesses on the theme ha ha ha!!

I think it's okay but I must admit I seen some pretty darn good altered coasters in my time and this really doesn't make the grade, oh well!

Ooooh and while I remember, I am chuffed to pieces today because my pic of Knockan Crag that I put on here a while ago has made the last 20 of the UKS photo comp - thanks Nat for pushing me in the right direction there.

I don't expect to win because there are so many fab entries but I don't care, it's the first time I've made the top 20 and I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat at the mo!
And while blogger is behaving here is a couple of quick pics of my entry in the rather fabby choc cj I received recently. Now I'm not a fan of chocolate at all really, although I have been known to politely nibble a piece of Galaxy or 2, so I wasn't really looking forward to doing my entry in this one. But, I must say, it did go well and I was pleased with the result, I just hope the owner thinks so too.