Friday, January 08, 2010

Ok this isn't going to last.......

.....yes, yes, I know, I've blogged for a 2nd time in almost the same number of days!!  I really am going to try and blog everything I make and seeing as I have said I will keep certain commitments, with the calendar challenge and now with the Christmas card club, I'm hoping I will at least blog a couple of times a month LOL!

I'm not holding my breath though!

Over on Bubbly Funk we are doing a Christmas card club, similar to the one we did last year (I did a grand total of 2 cards), but this year each month will have a different theme.  I'm kind of thinking that the theme idea will keep me going on it but we'll see.

Anyway, Joanne set the first month with turquoise, a swirl and some sparkle.  I've done the turquoise, done the sparkle but the swirl didn't really show it's face anywhere, but said in my best Meatloaf voice, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!

My card uses some Tando chippie (no surprise there then as I have an abundance of it)!  I painted the stocking with turquoise paint, then coated with crackle glaze, then painted with white acrylic.  The top of the stocking is sprayed silver and whilst it was dry I added a bit of glitter.  I used Basic Grey papers and stitched round the edges.

I added the button detail on the stocking because my crackling hadn't gone too well in that spot and I needed to cover it up ha ha and then I finally added the ribbon and the stamped word Believe.

Here's hoping this is another challenge I can keep up with!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shock of shocks I've blogged

Well I can't quite believe it, I've actually blogged.......I've actually done some crafting, that's even more shocking!  Life has been a little hectic over the last 6 months, I have been busy with a new venture, Tando Creative Limited.  It has been non stop 12 hour days right up until Christmas, so much so, I nearly blew myself out if I'm honest.

I had a bit of time off over Christmas and decided that I had to make time to do what I love most and that is crafting.

I love to blog and love reading blogs and both had been seriously neglected so part of my new regime for 2010 is to, at least, do a little bit more of both of those.  I doubt I will ever be an avid blogger, time constraints are always going to get in the way but I will try to when I can.

Anyhoo, Sharon on Bubbly Funk (and super duper DT member for Tando) told us about a fab challenge on the Kathryn Wheel blog....a Calendar Challenge HERE.  I decided, possibly unwisely knowing how I stick to these things, to have a go as I found the whole thing very inspiring.

I am actually keeping up to date with the daily entries at the moment which is a shock in itself but it is only the 6th January.

My January pages are quite simples really.  I used watercolour paper and applied a blue wash, I then stamped with a swirly stamp over the top in white.  My next job was to use 3D paste, that I'd bought for an online class that I never did *roll eyes*, and after dabbing it on with my finger I stamped the word January into it.  Given our current covering of snow and ice I wanted to give it a imprinted look in snow, like a footprint :)

I cut random sized squares from more watercoloured paper, inked the edges and stamped the numbers of the days on in white.   My intention is to doodle over some of the numbers but not all so I can still follow the days. 

Anyway, pictures are normally much more interesting so here they are:


Well hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I blog again..........but you never know!!