Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring has sprung!!

I glanced out into the garden today and noticed some gorgeous little daffs had sprung up out there. I just had to nip out and take a pic or two of course so here they are:

And there was little fella as well, well actually a whole bunch of them, but I don't know what they're called so if any of you know, please tell me..........ta!

Ooh, just to let you know as well.......Tony is actually, as I type, attaching photos to card stock and putting them in one of my 12" x 12" scrapbooks..............maybe.....just maybe.....this is the start of a new hobby for him eh!! As long as he buys his own stash LOL!....only kidding!

Catch you all laterz

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Christmas Journal E Page

Well here's my E page for my Christmas journal. I have to admit my journal is gradually getting rather fat, I think I may have to re-think my binding situation LOL!

Again as with the other pages, various flaps open out to reveal journalling and photos.

Do pop over to Alphabet Funk and take a peek at Di W's fabby E page too!

No other stunning news here, looking forward to Emily's challenge for the week and enjoying today. Tony has popped off to footy so I've got the whole day to myself....fabidoo!

Lots of new projects on the horizon too that I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into and, of course, I'll post piccies on here as well.

Byeeee for now!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekend again!

Wow, where did that week go, and next Thursday will be March....yikes!!

No stunning news but a quick pic. I was messing around with Photoshop Elements and altered a pic of a tree, here's the original:

And here's the altered pic:

I love manipulating photos but I'm not an expert with Photoshop, I think I might need to buy one of those Dummies guides LOL! I need everything in plain English!!

I haven't been very creative for the last couple of days, I've been re-organising my ribbon storage. When I'm done I'll post a quick pic for you.

I'm hoping to get lots of creative stuff done tomorrow so with any luck there'll be lots to show you next week.

Take care bloggy friends.

Catch up soon

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Emily's Art Journal Week 7 - SHOES!!

SHOES - Eeek! Now I'm not a fan of shoes, I live mainly in trainers or walking boots, it's comfort all the way for me you know LOL!

Mind you, I do have a bit of a thing about boots and I have got 7 pairs of varying styles and colour. The problem is, most of them are quite high heeled and, to be honest, I don't feel so comfortable in them's an age thing you know!!

Anyway, when I read the theme for this week, my first thought was to rummage around for my fave pair of boots. Whilst rummaging LOL, I came across a pair of strappy shoes that I'd bought just before Christmas to wear to a couple of parties. I'd forgotten about them, typical, but when I wore them to the Christmas parties I remember thinking how nice they were and that I should wear them more often. Soooo, I reckoned that was a reason the use them this week.

Here's a pic of the front and back of the card:

For this card I wanted to try the splodged on paint look that I have seen on so many gorgeous LO's and I thought it would be an ideal time to try, I love the paint effect and I think I might even progress onto something a little larger next time HEE HEE!!

The thing I really like about doing these challenges are that you can try different techniques with confidence because if it doesn't go quite right the first time you've only messed up a tiny bit of card not a whole sheet of you fave, precious cardstock.

My mum bought me the little sparkly bits and when I got them I wondered what on earth I would use them for but they seemed to mirror perfectly the little spangles on the shoes, so cheers mum, another great find.

Right, off to do something creative.

Take care all

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Sunday walk and decorated chipboard

We went out for another great walk this morning, again with our friend Peter and his dog Adam.

I had loads of fun with the borrowed camera again and experimented with taking multiple shots of Adam chasing a frisby. I think I still need loads of practice on that side but I'll get there. Unfortunately the camera has to go back to it's owner this week but I'll patiently wait until the price of the Nikon D80 has come down a bit and then I'll invest in one of those. Can't wait actually but I must be patient!!!

Here's some shots of todays walk:

I was given the task of decorating some chipboard for this weeks D inspiration for Alphabet Funk.

I had loads of fun doing them, here's a couple of examples but do pop over the Alphabet Funk and take a look at some more:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Emily's Art Journal Week 6

Very fitting.......the theme of LOVE on St. Valentines week!!

Now, of course, I had to use a pic of Tony for this so I converted the photo into a sketched look and printed it on watercolour paper. I then painted a big heart round it and cut it out to stick on the card. It's the same photo that I've used in my blog of my faves of him!

The reverse reads: "You will always be my soul mate and my best friend" and that is so true. We have had our ups and downs in life as everyone does but we have now completely relaxed with each other and enjoy each other's company so much. (I should hope so after 20 years LOL)!

Another week that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these challenges........thanks Emily!!!

Ciao for now peeps

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Where is this week going!!!! EEEEEEK!! Wednesday has been and nearly gone already and I haven't blogged since Sunday - OOOOPS!

Happy Valentines Day to all you die hard romantics out there. We did okay, we blew each other a kiss this morning and we've just had a lubberly jubberly slap up Chinese.........YUM YUM!!! Now, Tony's settling down to watch a bit of footy and I'm up here chatting to you lot LOL!

No seriously, we don't need to be romantic, we love each other very much. I guess we've never been big on Valentines Day.

Anyway, last Sunday I went to footy! I haven't been in ages but I had the chance to go up and see Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium. I've been up there before but only seen the outside.

Now Tony being the expert, gave me the guided tour and to be honest, it really is a fab stadium so I'll bore you all with a pic or two.

We had a really good day, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I'm not really a footy fan, but Arsenal did win (albeit controversial) so that made for a better journey home LOL!

I must look at Emily's challenge too, mmmmmm theme of love, should be able to think of something today shouldn't I!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christmas Journal 'D' page

So here's my 'd' page. I'm pleased with this one, I'm getting quicker at the pages too so I guess I must be getting better at something LOL!

Thanks for taking a peek, see you soon xxx

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sneak Peak!!

It's nearly Alphabet Funk day again, so don't forget to pop over there tomorrow and check out our 'D' pages for the Christmas Journal. Bubbly Funk's very talented designer Rosie showcases her fabulous journal for us.

I will be following up with pic's of my D page too but for now, here is a sneak peak!!

See you all over there tomorrow :-)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Emily's Art Journal Week 5!

Hmmmmm, well this was a tricky one..........use some ephemera from your week!!!!

I was certainly challenged as, although we do lots of walking and a little socialising (just a little) we rarely do anything that would result in any kind of ephemera. I didn't want to resort to using a weekly supermarket receipt, simply because there isn't anything exciting about that either and I've got the bug with painting these little guys so that played a part in my decision too.

Anyway, as we are big fans of walking, we had just so happened to have bought Tony a new pair of walking boots last Sunday so I struck on the idea of having a go at drawing and painting a walking boot..........strange but true!!

Here is the result:

I used a combination of acrylics and ink and used embossing paint to raise the laces and silver hooks to give a little dimension. The work Walk has also been covered in an embossing gel to give it a raised finish. I cut round the top of the boot and inserted the receipt.

Here's a closer pic:

On another note, here's a quick pic from our walk on Tuesday. Our local deer park had loads of deer roaming around so I practiced again with the borrowed Canon and took these:

Catch up later!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

January Mini Book done!

Well I've finished my first mini book for 2007.......yippee!!

It's a little 6" x 4" book and each the pages have been sandwiched together to make little tag pockets for extra photos and journalling.

My aim is to make one of these every month with a little review of all the things we have done throughout the month and journalling so when I eventually do larger scrap pages or albums in the future I'll have a good reference to look back.

I think ultimately I will never ever scrap all my pictures because I take hundreds every month so I guess this compensates for the ones that will be missed LOL!

Ooh and Emily's challenge for the Art Journal this week is a bit tricky......use some ephemera from your week.

I think I may have earmarked something to use now that may be a little more interesting than a Tesco's receipt!!! so I'll get stuck into that asap.

That's it from me, must start work!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another walk today!

We went for another lovely walk today. We left about 8.15ish this morning so it was still pretty frosty and chilly but there was a gorgeous blue sky.

The camera that I borrowing I now have in my grubby mits. It's a Canon EOS350D so just one down from the Canon I have shortlisted to buy. I took it out on the walk this morning and took loads of photos with it. I think I need a little more practice because some of the shots were a little blurry. It has 2 lenses and the larger zoom lense obviously adds to the weight and being the weakling that I am I had a little trouble keeping it steady.

On the plus side, in sports mode it takes photos in quick succession which came into good use today when we were lucky enough to see a helicoptor taking off.

Anyway here's some of the results:

Isn't he a cute little guy, there was a whole pen full of them, they were soooo sweet.

I'm getting a bit of creative time in this afternoon, I'm busy working on my January mini book. My plan is to print a selection of the best photos I take each month and put them in a little 6" x 4" mini book. I have already made a storage rack for them but I've yet to decorate it, no doubt I'll post pics as soon as there is anything worth showing you. I'll also be doing as much journalling as I can in each so when I eventually come to scrap the photos properly I'll have a good record of events in my little books to refer back to.

New art journal challenge due tomorrow from Emily so I'm looking forward to that and don't forget to check into Alphabet Funk as well, Caroline has got a great slot lined up for you.

Ciao for now.