Friday, June 30, 2006

Wot a complete donut!!!!

That's me! Doughnut, wally, idiot, berk (anything else you can think of).

Someone mentioned a few days ago that they couldn't leave a comment on my blog (I guess cos I had it set up so you had to be a fellow bloggy to leave a comment so I thought, okay, I'll change that. Went into settings and played around and somewhere it said that if you let anyone comment you can set to moderate the comments (or words to that effect) so I guessed that might be a good thing to do!!!!

Well I've been merrily updating my blog and for the last couple of days I've thought to myself, strange, since I've meddled, I haven't got a single peep out of a single peep (if you get my drift). Mmmm, in I go again to have a looksy on the settings and stumble across a very lovely selection of comments from you great peeps. Cos I'd set to "moderate comments" I was supposed to agree them first before they show up.

What a donkey I am!!!!

Anyway, sorted now, so the good news is, you weren't all lost in cyber space, you'd been buried in the depths of my complete stupidity!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lamb Kurma and Pilau Rice

Had a quick looksy at UKS once or twice today! and I see the House Challenge for July is India, mmm, never been there so what to do for this one!! it certainly gets my creative juices flowing which reminds me of the absolutely delish Lamb Kurma I had today - yummy yummy yum yum!!

Had to go to a meeting with a customer and it was decided last week that we'd meet for lunch at a new Indian thats opened up a few miles from here. Incidently it used to be a "Tiny Cook" but it closed down a while back, hardly surprising really, but hey, I won't delve into the realms of discussing large chain restaurants on here!!

Anyway, back to my Lamb Kurma. Well it was just excellent (I dread to think of the calorie content, but hey, who cares). I was absolutely stuffed to say the least, so stuffed in fact that all I've managed to eat since lunch is half a bar of Galaxy. Well who can resist a bit of choc from time to time.

Talking of choc, that was a bit of a bargain too I must say. Went in last night to buy 1 bar, yes just 1 bar. Well, 1 LARGE bar anyway. Took it to the counter, about to pay and the guy pipes up "there are packs of 2 bars down there, only 30p more" Well I can't pass up a bargain so 2 bars it was. We scoffed 1 of them last night and started the 2nd today, isn't Galaxy just dreamy?

Did another LO today, piccie below. Haven't uploaded it to UKS yet cos I'm not keen on the pic of it, it seems a bit dark, think I'll wait until tomorrow and try photographing again. I'm not sure if its missing something really, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Anyway peeps, I'm a bit weary so going to turn in shortly. Nighty night.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ooooh, used some BG

Amazing huh! I was really inspired last night, stayed up til gone midnight (a whole 2 hours past my bedtime). I printed off a great photo of Tony and got a couple of sheets of BG Skate Shoppe and there was no stopping me! Actually I was really pleased with how the LO came out.

I think my thing is the distressed look (ha ha, I wonder why), unfortunately most of the patterned papers I own aren't distressed so I guess I may be experimenting with a sheet of sandpaper or two.

I must also start to be a bit more selective about my stash purchases. I guess when I started out (way back in November)!! I needed (needed being the operative word) sooo much stuff that I tended to buy what was cheaper. My local craft shop is not particularly amazing for scrapping stuff so the range of papers aren't really at the top end and of course at the time I'd never even heard of Basic Grey, let alone stroked any!

It means, unfortunately, I'll have to buy more online and I'm not a big fan of this especially with all the bricks and mortar shops closing down. I do feel that they need our support! Perhaps I should look further afield for a shop to visit, you just can't beat being able to see stuff in the flesh before you buy.

Anyway, another day, another dollar!!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Yey, been wanting to do ATC's for ages and finally sat down and did 4 tonight. Really enjoyed doing them. It's been taking me ages to do LO's recently, just can't seem to make any decisions about them so it was a really nice change to do something teeny weeny.

Soooo glad Monday is over, totally fed up with work at the mo, I just seem to have so many other things I want to do, mainly scrapping related, but hey ho!!

I really feel the need to get away for a few days, we may be going to see bro in Cornwall soon (another bro, not the one with the silly hat on) so that would be good. Ooh and we've been invited out to see a band in August, we've seen them once before, they're brill (well so good in fact that I can't place the name of them right now LOL).

Anyway, nearly time to turn in.

Night peeps.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Update on my bro's love of footy!!

Last night was great. Bro loved his prezzies and here he is in the crowing glory, the fuzzy hat.

I somehow don't think he'll be wearing it this afternoon, nor will he be rushing out to put the flags on his car but it was a laugh anyway.

Didn't get home till late so a bit weary today but off out later to cheer the boys on.

Doing of bit of scrapping this morning (well that makes a change!!) so a pretty ordinary day really.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I love Saturdays, especially when the sun's shining.

Haven't been up to much since my last blog. I would only have been able to have written about 2 lines of anything that may have been remotely interesting.

Off to bro's 50th birthday bash tonight. Should be a bit of a giggle. He absolutely HATES football with a passion and the World Cup is strictly out of bounds, taboo, definite no no. He won't even follow Englands scores and if you try to discuss it with him he almost shuns you away.

Well, get a load of the prezzies we've bought him:

He's got 2 car flags, a mug, some Thorntons England sweets and a very fetching large fuzzy England hat (which he is going to wear tonight)!!

I'll let you know his reaction tomorrow, if I can get a piccie I will.

I've done my LO for Jilly's cj - piccie below, I was really pleased with it. I haven't uploaded it to my gallery on UKS because we all decided it was better to have a surprise but Jilly agreed to me uploading a piccie here.

The flaps open out to reveal some more quotes etc inside.

I really enjoyed doing this entry and I'm looking forward to doing the next one when it arrives but we've got another week and a half yet before we send again.

Anyway, I haven't made bro's card yet so I must dash. Catch up with one and all soon xx

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mod Podge

I bought some today! I've no idea what to do with it but I bought some anyway!! I've asked the very intelligent peeps on UKS and they have come up with some suggestions (I knew they would) so I think I'll be experimenting at some point.

I'm afraid to say that is about the most exciting thing I've done all day. Work was as dull as ever and I popped out to see a customer this afternoon, hence why I nipped in the craft shop. I really must stop going in that craft shop, I go down there every week and every week I say to myself "I don't need anything, just have a bit of a browse". Mmmm, my browsing always turns into spending!

Got my BG out again today and stroked it (after reading Nat's blog), it's still sitting here next to me, intact and not glued to anything, I guess I may use it eventually. (Ooh, just read that back, hope no non scrappers read it).

Oh, I was totally peeved today!! I normally take some info down to a customer on a cd. I got it all ready as per usual and then left the damn thing on my desk, didn't realise til I got down there. "Well that's easy" I said, "I'll just email it to you". So I did the decent thing and popped it on an email and left it to send while I had a quick looksy round UKS. Well this file is pretty large and all my outgoing emails get virus scanned so it was going to take some time. Got it 85% sent (only about an hour and a quarter later) and my damn connection got interrupted so it said re-send it. Grrr, I could have killed it, I'll have to try again tomorrow!

That's it from me I guess, you know, I find it amazing really, I wasn't going to put an entry on today because I had absolutely nothing to say and then I end up just waffling on for about an hour about complete nonsense!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Football and lager, yum yum

A bit of a quickie bloggibobs today!

Bro's card was a disaster last night, just about finished it and I thought "I know, I'll just outline that bit of text with a nice big black pen".

Yeah well, you can guess, last bit, pen slipped and messed the whole stupid thing up.

So that was it, I just had to pack work up early today to make him another one, oh damn!!!

Anyway, just had a quick 40 winks in the bath (resemble a prune now) and going to get ready to go out and watch Owney and Rooen do their stuff! Actually, I'm more interested in the lager, all that card making today has brought a bit of a thirst on!

Ooh the sun's just come out, luberly juberly, wish I could smilies in here, if anyone knows how to please let me know.

Right, dinners ready, Tony cooked tonight (another smilie!!) I'm off!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pingy Lips

You know the feeling don't you. When you've been out in the sun too long with no cream and your white squidgy bits have gone an unhealthy shade of pink. The skin feels tight, itches like mad but when you scratch it hurts like hell! I call that "pingy"! Well that's just how my lips felt tonight!

I thought I'd do the decent thing over the weekend and prepare a meal or two in advance so I set about making a shepherds pie and a chilli! Yum yum! Well all was going well until I was sprinkling a reasonable portion of chilli powder in, then out rolled a largish lump of the stuff!

I reckoned it might turn out a little bit on the warm side so when I heated it up tonight I whacked a load of lemon juice in to calm it down. Obviously not enough!

It was a good job we'd done a bit of salad to go with it, I'm not a fan of raw onion in salad but it tasted downright cool by comparison! Tony didn't complain, he likes his chilli on the warm side but he doesn't normally gulp down nearly a whole can of coke straight after dinner! So for a good 45 minutes after dinner I had "pingy" lips.

Anyway, today. Woke up early so went for a good walk this morning (about 6.30ish, mad I know). All helping in my quest to lose weight. Eaten like a sparrow today so that'll go someway to making up for the blow out on the bbq.

Work was dull as always but did pack up a bit early, went and cleared up the garden a bit and did the ironing so overall a pretty ordinary day.

Now settled into something more creative, making bro a birthday card then onto something quite possibly scrapping related!

Tried again to load up the inner pages of my altered childrens book but it wouldn't go on yesterdays post. Going to attempt it on this one.

Yay, it worked, whoopee doo dah!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gone to the Dogs!

Well, I pigged out at the bbq, mind you there was enough food for about 20 people and there were only 8 of us!! So my flab battle continues, hey ho! No lager today though so that's a bonus. Well not yet anyway! Would be good not to, only got my customary couple of hours sleep just because I'd had a drop of Grolsch or two.

Fathers Day today, so we took Pa in Law to Brighton Dogs. It was actually really good down there, not too many people and 13 races (normally 12) a bonus because it was Dads Day. We're not naturally betting people so generally only go for £1 win (each) on each race. Didn't do so bad as it happens, just about won all our money back plus a couple of quid. That paid for the burger and chips that I just "had to have".

Ooh, and I managed to sort out the link thingy on the left hand side, so far I have got links to Nat, Beth and Tracey, my fellow team mates (big wave to you) and of course UKS, currently my 2nd home, but I really should get out more. My next challenge is the banner thingy to go across the top but I think that might be a tad more tricky.

My ever growing list of projects is just getting ridiculous now, I'd like to make an 8" x 8" album for my team mates digi LO's, I've got the cj to think about, I want to try ATC's (a set of World Cup ones ideally, but I think it will all be over by the time I manage it), I have more than 1 album on the go and mum bought me a load of childrens card books to alter. I've started doing this blog and also a sort of mini diary (today is the first day, we'll see if I keep that up)! A BOM is also on my list and I'd like to do a selection of canvases of Tony and I and there's also the mountain of photos that I want to scrap! I think I need to re-organise my life, work, housework and food shopping will just have to come off the agenda Hee hee! I wish!!

Talking of altered childrens books, here's a piccie of 1 I've just finished, I was going to load another pic of the inside but couldn't, I'll try again tomorrow.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another scorcher!

What is going on? This weather isn't normal is it? If we could have this every summer I'd never go abroad! Took a walk into town this morning, it's not too far, only takes about half hour but, boy, it was hot.

Still on my diet purge, trouble is I just can't watch an England match without lager. Then of course came Friday, end of the week, pub 100 yards up the road with a terrific garden, glorious weather, what does a girl do. Got invited to a BBQ tonight as well so I guess more lager then! Perhaps I'll start the diet on Sunday! well until Tuesday anyway, England on again!!

I stuck a hit counter on the bottom of my blog, just out of interest, as you do! I was a bit blown away by the number of times my blog has been viewed. It was almost a bit un-nerving really, I hadn't put an awful lot of thought into my first entry (well who would at 4.40 in the morning) but I didn't think anyone would actually read it!

Anyway, that's me for today, got to sort out how to do links on here, that should be a laugh!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Well that's it!

I've set up my blog. It's 4.40 in the morning after England beat Trinidad and Tobago 2 0. I had a few lagers yesterday, not many mind, I can't cope and I've just proved that! Woke up a 2.30 and couldn't sleep so here I am.

Well, I've nearly finished my entry in Jilly's stunning circle journal. It was really tough to do it justice, I have a lot to learn yet.

I really must get back to scrapping photos again, been a bit lapse since the beginning of the month, have been on holiday though so that accounts for a week. Talking of holidaybobs, went to Cornwall to see bro, pretty damn good week actually except I ate like a pig and probably put on about 5lbs. Didn't weigh myself, didn't fancy being depressed but everything felt tight. Put myself on a diet and I think it's coming off.

Well this will do for now, I've got to find out how to do this blog thing, add photos and the like and then I can let people know where it is.