Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photography Seminar

Well I went to the seminar on Sunday and it was fantastic.

It was run by David Worthington and Martin Stembridge, both very accomplished photographers.

We went up to Coventry to a place called The Beechwood Inn, very nice indeed. Tony and I stayed the night there on Sunday too so we enjoyed a lovely meal in the evening after the seminar had finished.

Zoe was the model for the day, however, the shots were all pretty much taken outside and it was FREEZING!! Poor Zoe had to endure the cold with no sleeves for over 2 hours. How she kept smiling I'll never know.

Anyway, here are some of my efforts for the day.

They have already organised the 2nd seminar for the northern part of the country, way up in Cumbria. I'd love to go but reckon that one may be a bit too far...ha ha!

Catch you later peeps.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

OMG, another card!

Yup, you heard right folks.....I've made another card!!

This one is for my sister, thoroughly enjoyed making it actually, probably because it went well.

Had a fab day today getting creative, although I am a little tired so I think an early night is on the cards.

Take care lovelies.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bubbly Funk January Kit

The January kit has been released this week and here are my creations.

This one was specifically made for the kit and I designed the whole alphabet to use, jpg's for hand cutting and gra/gsd files for the Craft Robo.

I also made a word book for my neice for Christmas so, although I didn't use supplies for the kit, I took some piccies to use as an alternative. This one is a little different as the letters have been joined to make two rows of text rather than one.

The inside has lots of little extra pages to add journalling and some little vellum pockets so she can add a lock of hair if she wants to.

Right, onward and upward, seez ya laterz.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Been promoted!!

And all because of this photo.....

Nah, just kidding really! I use a photography forum quite regularly, they're a great bunch of peeps and many are very talented togs.

In my signature line I described myself as being a Very Novice Amateur. After posting this photo it was suggested by Chris, a tog who's work I admire very much, that I should drop the Very Novice!!....so....I've been promoted.

Yup, still grinning....perhaps I'm starting to crack this photography malarky!!!

Not much else to report, one or two issues going on right now that I'll explain in more depth another time.

Ooh, and I am keeping up with my Art Journal, I'm on my 3rd entry but it has developed into a kind of personal diary so, in the main, I'll keep it private for now.

Started my 2007 Christmas journal too and I have finished the front cover but there are one or two little bits I want to add so I'll post a pic in time.

Take care one and all.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've been a scrap, scrap, scrapping!!!!

First 12" x 12" layout I have done since April last year.......phewy!!

This is from fabby sketch Caroline set on the Bubbly Funk forum. I was just what I needed to get my bum kick started into gear as I really should start scrapping a bit more!

I've used paint on the layout, really getting into painted stuff right now and there is a bit of hidden journalling on the tag behind the photo with a few heartfelt sentiments about my dear mum.....love her to bits!!

I took the photo down in Cornwall at bro's with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens, it's fab. I've just got to get used to using it though, it's so different from the kit lens that came on the camera.

I have so many other projects I want to get going on but so little time ha ha.....either that or I'm just sooooo slow.

Catch you soon hopefully.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I made a birthday card!!!!!

Now don't faint.....I know I'm not hot on making cards but I thought I'd give this a go.

Completely different from the stuff I normally do, this little fella has been hand drawn and painted in those fabby glittery water colours from The Works...you know...the one's they don't sell any more (along with their brill metallic acrylics)....tsk!

Anyway, the lettering was done on Robbie so all in all a very simple card, just how I like them LOL!

I've also done an entry in my art journal but it's a tad personal so I won't show the page this time but I have made up some rules for my journal, them there being that I must always try to
"Use scraps of paper only",
"Hand Write Everything",
"Include a Favourite Photo taken recently" (to encourage me to get the camera out),
"Make a Weekly Entry",
"Doodle or Draw each time"
and the last one being "Don't spend too long".
I have done this one because I tend to take an age doing anything creative, I dither about and I really need to learn to get a flow going so the entries in this journal are not going to be long winded affairs. I probably won't like some of them because of it but hey, thats life.

Righteo peeps...onwards and upwards.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Mmmmmm, I wonder if I can keep the ones I make??

I have a few resolutions, the main one being to get more organised. I'm a fairly organised person anyway but I forget things so easily so I need to be more vigilent. I'm good at keeping lists so I just need to expand on them to cover other stuff instead of just work.

I must also lose weight, I have put on a few pounds over the last few months and I feel fat and frumpy so I must make a big effort otherwise I will get depressed.

Another is to scrapbook more, I spend alot of time making mini books and things like that, I haven't done a 12" x 12" LO for months and I have some lovely albums that are crying out to be filled.

I'd like to improve my photography but that's not really a resolution as such cos that will happen when it happens. I have a fab one day seminar to go to soon and I'm hoping to learn heaps there.

I so want to do an art journal for 2008 and I have taken the plunge and covered a watercolour sketch book in readiness. I would like to do an entry each week if I can but each fortnight at the very least.

Well, we'll see how I go. Ciao for now peeps. xx