Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yey, Christmas month is here!!

And here are a couple of pics of the tree in the living room. I borrowed a tripod from a friend and managed to get these shots.
The tree looks soooo pretty and I am just sooo excited about Christmas.
Had hardly any time to blog lately, I have been busying away with present making and inspiration planning on Bubbly Funk as well as circle journals and other things that seem to crop up in the Festive Season. I know I seem to have done an awful lot of trapesing round shops just recently, but doing well, we've nearly got all the prezzies and I actually bought SOME wrapping paper today. Still need more!
Right, that's it for now, seez you soon.


Anonymous said...

Aww Di, your tree looks beautiful! :o)

Nat xxx said...

Mmmm lovely looking tree! You have been a busy bunny! Thanks for your email sweetie - so lovely to hear from you :)

Gaye said...

yet another set of warm and cosy crimbo piccies :)