Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Where they live swap

We recently had a swap on Bubbly Funk where 10 of us did a double layout, 6" x 6" of the area where we live.

It was very time consuming to do but the end result was fantastic. I haven't photographed the pages but I did decorate the front and back covers to make them into a little it is.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Soon I will be uploading some more instructions onto my much neglected "Make Me" Blog, ironic that as soon as I created it work went ballistic but there you go eh!

Oooh and a bit more news, I popped an entry in the UKS photo comp in August and got selected for the final 20 (the green guitar player I posted on here a while ago).....and one of the photos I uploaded for Cheryls Painting with Light course has also been selected as one of the 10 images of the week - it was the close up aeroplane one I posted last week! I am gobsmacked to say the least, there were so many fantastic entries I would never have dreamed of making the final 10.

Anyway catch you later luvlies.


Heather said...

Book looks gorgeous Di and I love your tin below, its scrummy, colours are just great. Congrats on the UKS Photo comp, don't be so surprised it is a fab picture :D Take care xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

The Where I Live journal covers are great Di. Thanks for taking part in this swap. I didn't think it would be as much work as it turned out to be when I dreamt it up! Sorry!!

Your photos are great. Do not put them down. You deserve to have them recognised for their quality and composition.

Anonymous said...


Nat said...

Well done sweetie - your photography is fantastic so it's truly deserved :D xxx

Caroline said...

Well done Di !! You take fabbo piccies and deserve the recognition so good for you. xx