Monday, November 10, 2008

Bubbly Funk November Kit - Christmas planner

With changes to the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog I am now able to post up my creations a little earlier than before.

The Blog is now also the Bubbly Funk shop blog so it is open for public viewing. There is some fab stuff on there so why not pop over and take a look HERE and there will be new posts every week day so check back whenever you can.

Huge congrats also to Nattie, Kaz and Anna who will be joining Kathy and I as designers for Bubbly Funk.

Right, here are the 3 projects I managed to make from the kit:
Christmas Planner:

More to follow folks.


Janice said...

it's lovely Di, what are the letters on each page for?

Di said...

Thanks Janice, the letters on each page are the initial of the section title - Addresses, Cards, Gifts, Meals and Shopping

Nat said...

Thanks for the welcome Di! :)
love the planner, just wish I was organised enough to plan time to make a planner lol!!!
Nat xx