Friday, December 26, 2008

I've won an award....thanks to Gez and Janice

Rules of the award say I have to pass this on to five people with 'Fabulous' blogs, I look at so many blogs that are fabulous and are incredibly inspirational.

Ok, here's my list

1. Joanne
2. Caroline
3. Kaz
4. Karen
5. Beth

I also have to name 5 things I am addicted to, hmmm, this is quite difficult really but I guess they would be:

1. Bubbly Funk forum
2. Stitching on ALL my papercrafts ha ha!
3. Basic Grey...although I only stroke it.
4. Crafting whenever I possibly can
5. absolutely fave time of year.

Oh and while I'm here, here is a gift bag I made with the B.F. December kit.

Take care all xx


Karen said... are lovely!!! Thank you so much for this award. I was given it the other day and am hoping that it will appear on my blog this evening as I used the forward posting thingy XXX

Hazel said...

Fabulous gift bag. Well done on the award - so deserved. x

chelemom said...

This gift bag is lovely!!! Congrats on your award!