Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Madness!!!!!!

Really, really big sorry..........I've been such a bad blogger!!!!!

April is officially the month from hell for me, I have worked soooooooo hard for the WHOLE month and there is still more to do. I've been starting before 6 in the morning and I have been shattered by late afternoon.

Hence, no blogging, no crafting.....just lots of trying to rest the grey matter!!

I'm still busy but I had signed up to a couple of things and the time is ticking by. The main one was the lil' swap Kathy was organising on B.F. It was to make 6cm squares to a theme of every ones choice that ideally would fit in a Maze book or maybe in a frame for display.

Here's my efforts:

Hearts for Caroline

Nature for Karen

Teddies for Carol

Defining Colour for Di

Sea Life for moi

Pastels for Kaz

Flowers for Crisashy

Indian for Beth

The Seaside for Rosie

Something soft for Lynne

Seasons for Chris

Pretty in Pastels for Kathy

They were great fun to do, I just wish I'd been a little less tired recently but never mind.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so today I have re-written my Crafting To Do list and I have one really important job to do........more details of that soon (wink wink)!! and then I will be back almost on track. I've purposely not signed up for any more swaps to give me a chance to catch up but I am way behind with Emily's Art Journal so I will try and do something about that soon.

On a more personal side of things, it was my mums 86th birthday bash last weekend (yup, I volunteered to organise)!! Here's a couple of pics of the day:

One of the birthday girl herself.....doesn't she look fab!

and Tony insisted on taking one of me, so here I am next to bro stuffing my face LOL!

Oooh, a lil message for Rosie......I know you've tagged me, I'll pop it on here asap hun!


Lis said...

They are all awesome!!

Charmane Koch said...

Hi Found your blog through the emily f deck of me ring... just wanted to say LOVE your little "squares" love the bits and pieces...my fav - the indian one - LOVE it!!!

Rosie said...

ooh Di! Can't wait to get my squares back - your Seaside square for me is fab. Actually, can I have them all please? They're all fabbydabbydoodlyicious!!!!

No probs bout the tag hun, know you're up to your neck in it at the mo.

Claire said...

I found your blog through Gems's blog - what lovely 6in squares I have seen them on other forums and they look fun to do, well done you

Kaz said...

They are fab Di, I can't wait to get them!! But I have to finish mine first lol.
Looks like your mum had a great day!

Beth said...

The 6x6's (never know what to call them, lol), are truly fab Di. I especially like mine though, hee, hee. You have been working very hard lately, and deserve some time for yourself soon. Take it easy lovely. XX

Caroline said...

The squares are great Di - must make a start on them asap. Glad you are having a bit more time to craft! Work soooo gets in the way.

Nat xxx said...

Hey Di! Hope all the hard work will ease up really soon! Wow!! Your mum looks absolutely fab - I'd never guess she was 86!! You must have great genes!! And I want to know what exactly it is you are eating cos it looks bloomin' delicious lol!!
hugs, Nat xxx