Monday, May 21, 2007

Ooooh, a lil bit of creativity

At last I have a couple of things to show.........not very exciting though unfortunately.

I made my first Maze Book.....yay! I think they are great little books and will make ideal presents. My first attempt is ok but I have seen much, much better.

My second little viewing is the K Page of my Christmas Journal. I utilised some old Christmas cards for this one.

We went to Arundel yesterday and I had a good play with my camera. Blogger is being a bit of a pain tonight so I'll upload those another time.

Work has been getting me down a bit lately! I don't like to blog bad things but I just don't think it inspires me anymore. I'm seriously considering a career change but, to be honest, I just don't know what to do yet. I'd love it to be arty related but I'm not sure what yet.

If I ever come close to anything near a decision you'll be the first to know peeps.

Right, I'm bushed, catch you all later.


Nat xxx said...

Awww Di, sorry to har work's getting you down, hope things pick up soon :) lurve your latest creations - glad you've finally had some time to yourself to fit some in!!! xxx

Beth said...

I love the maze book Di, it's lovely,if not better than some I have seen so far, so no worries there. As for work, I know what you mean, there just comes a stage in your life, where you just want to change. Wish you all the very best anyway. XX

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous creations Di - especially love the maze book :o)

Already seen your beautiful photos and have to say they are stunning!


Rosie said...

As ever Di, your work is Fabby - keep 'em coming to delight our eyes! xxx