Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ok, own up.....who pinched February then!!!

Hmmmm, well that month just flew didn't it. Soooo much going on, work has been busy and my scrapping mojo completely disappeared.

I have a whole day of creativity planned today so perhaps that will spark me off. I have been taking photos though so here's some of my recent stuff.

I will have more to post over the next couple of days but I'm sitting here at silly hour writing this post.

Take care lovelies.


Nat said...

Wow - as usual! Amazing pics. You truly are bercoming a genius, the proof of which is that you are blogging at 4.30am. You do know that there is a fine line between being a genius and being insane, don't you my lovely?!! :D :) xxxx

Gail said...

Stunningly atmospheric clouds. Great pics.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Fab photos Di.

But just one thing darling....

Go to bloody sleep! LOL


traceyr said...

What beautiful photograph Di. :)

Angelnorth said...

How did I miss these then? All great Di - I especially like the moody skies in pics 4 & 5, great stuff!