Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Been a bit busy......ho hum!

No update for a couple of weeks....sorry! The lead up to the end of January was manic work wise so I've been too tired to do anything in the evenings!!

Anyway, been taking some photos so here they are:

A mono conversion of Bramber Castle in West Sussex,

Another mono of a tree....taken last summer when we were on a bike ride.

One of the lavendar fields taken in Provence last year.....yeah I know, only just got round to editing them:

That's about it for now, not much chat I'm afraid, work talk is a bit dull eh!!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Di, those photos are fab! I especially love the one of Bramber Castle!

We're missing your blog though hun, come back soon.


Farmersgirl said...

These are great pics Di. The Bramber Castle is very 'Northhanger Abbey' gothic novel looking IYSWIM! And you can almost smell taht lavender - gorgeous.


Caroline said...

Lovely photos Di...all of them...xx

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic photos Di - the lighting on the tree one looks superb!

Nat said...

Wow wow wow! I actually say that aloud when I see your photography girlie! Truly amazing stuff, especially love the tree one. They look so professional xxxx

traceyr said...

Di great photos I particularly like the tree one.

Janice said...

I tagged you Di. Instructions on my blog, you don't have to play if you are too busy, I wont mind.