Saturday, June 28, 2008

My first DCM card

Yep, I know I don't "do" cards but, for a reason I will tell you about shortly, I decided to have a go at this weeks DCM challenge.

And, oh lucky me, the theme was lurves Christmas!!

Anyhow, the reason behind me joining in is that we have something very exciting going on over at the Bubbly Funk forum.

We're not only going to have a fabulous 2 day Cybercrop on the 20th and 21st September but we will be making cards and gifts to sell in an amazing sale to be held near me on October 18th. All proceeds of the sale are going to go to a fantastic charity, Breast Cancer Care.

We're having weekly challenges on the forum right up until the cybercrop and so will hopefully be making lots of stuff for the sale. We'll need to as well because we are going to be getting between 80 and 100 people turning up for the sale......OMG!!

So as I had a basic design for my simple Christmas card I thought I may as well 6 and make a little box to pop them all in. Here they are:

I've just realised how different some of them look from each other but I guess that's just the beauty of hand made cards....all of them unique...LOL!


Kaz said...

Love the card and the box you've put them in.

tracy said...

thats a lovely design di:) like the idea of putting them in a box too :)

Beth said...

Another wonderful piece of work from you lovely. The box is fab and a great idea too. XX

Kathy said...

Welcome to the DCM Di.

I love this little tree card it's so cute. The box is fab - I think we might be needing the destructions for that!

Traceyr said...

Wow what a professional touch putting them in a box like that. Love the idea of using hearts to make the Christmas tree too.

Traceyr :)

Karen said...

yes, I agree with Tracey...would never have thought of hearts for a Christmas tree...brilliant idea Di. Smashing little cards and box. XXX

Anonymous said...

Fab Di - think you need to do us a box making tutorial..... :-).....xx

Nat said...

Lovely card design Di, really love that you made a set with a box, great idea! xxx

Hazel said...

Smashing project, Di.
Please look on my blog for details of an award I've given to you.