Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another walk today!

We went for another lovely walk today. We left about 8.15ish this morning so it was still pretty frosty and chilly but there was a gorgeous blue sky.

The camera that I borrowing I now have in my grubby mits. It's a Canon EOS350D so just one down from the Canon I have shortlisted to buy. I took it out on the walk this morning and took loads of photos with it. I think I need a little more practice because some of the shots were a little blurry. It has 2 lenses and the larger zoom lense obviously adds to the weight and being the weakling that I am I had a little trouble keeping it steady.

On the plus side, in sports mode it takes photos in quick succession which came into good use today when we were lucky enough to see a helicoptor taking off.

Anyway here's some of the results:

Isn't he a cute little guy, there was a whole pen full of them, they were soooo sweet.

I'm getting a bit of creative time in this afternoon, I'm busy working on my January mini book. My plan is to print a selection of the best photos I take each month and put them in a little 6" x 4" mini book. I have already made a storage rack for them but I've yet to decorate it, no doubt I'll post pics as soon as there is anything worth showing you. I'll also be doing as much journalling as I can in each so when I eventually come to scrap the photos properly I'll have a good record of events in my little books to refer back to.

New art journal challenge due tomorrow from Emily so I'm looking forward to that and don't forget to check into Alphabet Funk as well, Caroline has got a great slot lined up for you.

Ciao for now.


Beth said...

Great pics Di, it sure does take a good bit of getting used to with new cameras, still plodding along with mine. Love your new banner too, faaaaaaaabulous! Beth XX

Gaye said...

i am waiting with interest on which camera that you decide to go for :) fab pics, Di

Nat xxx said...

Awww I'm loving that little cow!! Great pics - love your new banner too chicken xxx

Anonymous said...

Aww what a handsome fella he is! :o)
The new banner looks great xx

Cath said...

Lovely pictures!

Di W said...

Nice clear pics of the helicopter Di! I would have still had the lens cap on!! Lucky you being able to test drive the camera!