Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Sunday walk and decorated chipboard

We went out for another great walk this morning, again with our friend Peter and his dog Adam.

I had loads of fun with the borrowed camera again and experimented with taking multiple shots of Adam chasing a frisby. I think I still need loads of practice on that side but I'll get there. Unfortunately the camera has to go back to it's owner this week but I'll patiently wait until the price of the Nikon D80 has come down a bit and then I'll invest in one of those. Can't wait actually but I must be patient!!!

Here's some shots of todays walk:

I was given the task of decorating some chipboard for this weeks D inspiration for Alphabet Funk.

I had loads of fun doing them, here's a couple of examples but do pop over the Alphabet Funk and take a look at some more:


Beth said...

These are very farrb creations Di, just been and had a look. Glad you enjoyed your walk, lovely pics too. We went this afternoon, took dawgy too, they were all worn out after, not me though, cos I'm soooo fit seee, (not!). Beth XX

Gigi said...

di...those photos are breathtaking! you are so lucky to be able to walk around in such a beautiful place....stunning scenery & you really take a great pic...i'll keep my fingers crossed that there is a huge sale on nikons soon :)

Rosie said...

Di - I LOVE that cheeky photo of Tony! - Captured this side of him a treat - can almost hear the dirty joke that preceeded that look!!! LOL

Nat xxx said...

Great pics! I just love walking on misty and rainy days when nobody else is about!! xx