Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Emily's Art Journal Week 11

My Initial.

Not a complicated one to think about and yet, probably the one I like least out of all of my cards.

I won't change it though, simply because I'm sure I'm going to have others that I'm not so keen on but I like the uniqueness of them all. There is no pattern to what I'm doing, I'm not trying to create a perfectly co-ordinated art journal and I loving trying new techniques and sometimes just throwing something together rather than pondering over it for days on end.

I think thats where I've perhaps gone wrong in the past with my scrapping, I try to plan it far too much and it ends up looking a little clinical rather than being a bit wayward with it.

Here's my card:

Anywayz, one more to go before Sunday and I'd have caught up.

Ciao for now peeps.


Beth said...

Lovely Di. Love the yellow/mustard and red, goes very well.

Lis said...

Love the colours and the stitching, great card!!

valerie said...

I actually love it di i know what you mean about this challenge helping you to plan less, i like to get mine done monday otherwise i just wont have time so my first idea usually has to be what i go with it is teaching me to be much more free thinking

TraceyT said...

fab card Di xxx

Nat xxx said...

Love it, especially the stitching. We all know how much I like stitching!! xxx

Rachel said...

fab love it, gorgeous colours and love the sewing. I recently bought myself a "baby" thats the name of my machine so am sewing anything that doesnt move atm hehe x