Sunday, March 11, 2007

F Page completed

Do you know, we are nearly a quarter of the way through the A-Z Christmas Journal.......EEEEEEEK! Isn't the year going quick!!!!!!

I've finished my F page, it was my turn to showcase this week and it's on the Alphabet Funk blog. I am thoroughly enjoying a little taste of Christmas every time I pick up my journal to do. Even though we are MILES away from Christmas it is sooooo nice to just have a little reminder of it now and then. Caroline popped a thread on the Bubbly Funk forum asking for ideas for Christmassy words for the journals and I got a real glow out of reading them. I think it will inspire me to have an extra special Christmas this year.

Here's a few pics of my page:

There's a couple more on the Alphabet Funk Blog so do pop over and have a peek.

I've made a couple of Mothers Day cards, taken photos but not uploaded to the computer yet..........promise to do that soon.

I really have been a bit snowed under with crafty bits the last couple of weeks. I've purposely not signed up for many swaps in the vain hope that I would catch up a bit..........I'm getting there...........but slowly.


Nat xxx said...

looking fab Di -must pop pver to the BF blog to check it out in full xxx

Heather said...

ooo now that is a fab page Di, I love the details. Off to check out BF now :D take care

Rosie said...

Your {F} page loods fabie dabbie doo Di x

Lis said...

Awesome F page :)

Nicole said...

What an awesome 'F' page...I'm not familiar with the project, but it sure as heck looks fun...I need to go back further and read some more of your blog! :)

Beth said...

Gorgeous page for the journal Di. You always do lovely stuff. Love the little jewel dangly ornament attached to it too. Colour combo brilliant.