Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mothers Day Cards

Yey, I actually made a couple of cards. Inspired by the fabulous Kathy from the Daring Card Makers (not a patch on her work of course) I made these 2 lil' beauties.

I was quite pleased with them really as I'm no longer a fan of making cards. I guess I'm the selfish type and I don't like to give anyway anything I make LOL! No not really, I love giving away handmade gifts but I sometimes wonder how many people would actually treasure a handmade card.

Nothing exciting to report, all the crafty projects I'm on at the moment can't be shown just yet which is a bit dull because I like to share pics on here but once they have served their purpose I'll be able to post some pics - yey!

Anywayz, thats it from me for now.

Ciao for now.


Beth said...

Lubberly cards Di. I was very chuffed with the card you made for my birthday, so you keep it up. :-)

Anonymous said...

The cards are lovely :o)


Caroline said...

They are lovely Di - I know what you mean though. I like to keep what I do and cards are given away. Its OK if they appreciated though, makes it worthwhile then.

Lynn said...

Great cards!!!