Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photography Seminar

Well I went to the seminar on Sunday and it was fantastic.

It was run by David Worthington and Martin Stembridge, both very accomplished photographers.

We went up to Coventry to a place called The Beechwood Inn, very nice indeed. Tony and I stayed the night there on Sunday too so we enjoyed a lovely meal in the evening after the seminar had finished.

Zoe was the model for the day, however, the shots were all pretty much taken outside and it was FREEZING!! Poor Zoe had to endure the cold with no sleeves for over 2 hours. How she kept smiling I'll never know.

Anyway, here are some of my efforts for the day.

They have already organised the 2nd seminar for the northern part of the country, way up in Cumbria. I'd love to go but reckon that one may be a bit too far...ha ha!

Catch you later peeps.


Angelnorth said...

These are looking great Di - you got some lovely effects with the light on the drape of the satin.

Cumbria's fab and you could visit me and/or Janice while you're up this end chuck - you should do it ;o)

Farmersgirl said...

ooh yeah, we could come and see you - maybe model, rofl - mind you, you wouldn't catch me sleeveless for more than 10 seconds!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

They're lovely photos Di! I like brides in black and white!

Caroline said...

Lovely photos Di.....
My brother is living in Coventry at the mo! You could have popped in for a cuppa, lol !

Nat said...

Ooh bless the poor model!!!
Fab pics Di, sounds like you had a lovely weekend xxx

Gail said...

Great photos, sounds like a really good course.

jay670120 said...

great photos Di . I would love to go on a course like this ,,,jealous now :)