Monday, September 18, 2006

Ribbon Storage

Well my ribbons were a bit of a joke really, didn't know what I had or in what colour, I just kept buying more and shoving them in a box. So I came up with this, it's actually an old laser cartridge box that has the flap over top so I set about covering it with some more of that adorable wrapping paper I'd bought from that posh shop. I virtually took up a whole sheet - eek! but it's just a lovely paper, it has strokeable bits on it if you know what I mean LOL!

Anyway, I made up a sections to go inside similar to the inside of a box that holds 6 bottles of wine, you drinkers amongst you will know what I mean!

I then punched some holes in the top of the box in 3 differents sizes to allow for differing widths of ribbon and voila. Shoved the ribbons in and poked them through the holes.

It's taken me hours but worth it as I now stand a chance of selecting the right ribbon for the job! LOL!

Right, printers finished doing some more pics, off to do a layout.

Catch you all laterz! Posted by Picasa


TraceyT said...

it's beautiful Di - now when are you making MY one ... ? :@)

Anonymous said...

Wow - clever and stunning!! The beautiful wrapping paper looks as if it would snuggly belong amoungst the BG Lily Kate collection doesn't it?!!