Monday, September 25, 2006

Some things just look pants uploaded!

This LO actually looks quite pretty IRL but when I uploaded it, it looks absolute pants! Oh well, never mind.

I did this for the Roz and Kirsty monthly BOM prompt. It's actually a 12" x 12" LO and my BOM is 8" x 8" but I was going to put it in an album that will eventually just have random photos of Tony and I.

Having no kids or pets, people as subjects tend to be a bit limited for me but it'll be nice for us to look through when we're old and wrinkly LOL!

I'm in the throws of altering a cd, another first in Di's world of artistry (roll eyes). OOh and the whole evening to myself tomorrow as Tony is off to another footy match, I'm loving his season ticket, yey! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Tagged you hon see my blog for details - ps that's a gorgeous LO

Anonymous said...

Love the LO - the colours are fab!!

Sounds like I need to get my OH a season ticket for our local team!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your time! Can't wait to see your finished CD!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LO Di, very pretty colours and beautiful photo of you too. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

great LO, looking forward to see the altered CD