Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Bubbly Funk Design Team Layout

Posted by Picasa At last I have uploaded a pic (it has been a right pain even with Picasa)!

I typed a lovely long piece earlier all about this LO but it's been lost twice now so I'm not a happy bunny!!

Anyway, this is another Bubbly Funk Design Team Challenge LO. This time a pic of Tony taken in Cornwall in June when we flaked out in the shade of a tree in bro's paddock.

The title is hand cut, something I have started to find quite theraputic and I did some distressing on this one too, all very enjoyable actually.


Caroline said...

Fab layout Di and the 'Addicted To....' one is super coolio too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Di, both those LO's are flippin' fantastic. I espesh love the shade of blue on the second one, it's a colour you don't often seen in LO's, they are brill. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

That is a fabby photo and a very scrummy LO :)

Anonymous said...

fab lo DI - love the picture too x

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it Di - I thought the pic was fab whenyou entered it in the UKS photo comp!