Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Angry and Sad

No, not literally, I rarely am, thank goodness but these are the next 2 pages that I have done for Shimelles class. (As usual, I finished the LO's after it had got dark outside so needless to say the photography is pants in artificial light).

I found them difficult, as I say, I'm rarely either and it was especially hard to have "Angry" inspiration.

The photos are black and white except for my eyes in both photos, they are my natural steely grey/green LOL!

Again, I want to add hidden journalling at a later date so I have added tabs to both LO's as shown in the bottom pics. I'm glad I settled down to these tonight, I've had a really busy day and I felt I was getting a little behind with Shimelles class so it was good to get 2 more moods done.

I have already sorted out pics for Creative and Relaxed, hopefully they will be a little easier to do!

No stunning news unfortunately, just far too much work on at the moment, I'll be glad when the end of the month comes (the bulk of it has to be done by then) so hopefully this time next week I'll have plenty of time to be creative.


Anonymous said...

Love those pages! :o) Shimelle's classes seem very inspiring and thought provoking. Might have to try the next one!

Anonymous said...

It's looking fab so far Di! Your photo for "Angry" is certainly convincing - I wouldn't try to queue jump you in Tesco's with a look like that lol!!


Heather said...

Pages are stunning Di, love the cropped photo's. How wonderful that you found it hard to do both of these as you rarely feel them. Fab!