Thursday, October 19, 2006

Red sky in the morning.......

Shepherds warning! So they say, and they say just right too.

This pic was taken in Aultbea in the Scottish Highlands on the morning we were travelling back to the South of England. I must admit is was an amazing red sky, I couldn't resist a pic, it was taken from our hotel window as we were packing!

The journey started okay but when we reached Inverness and got onto the A9 the heavens just opened. It absolutley chucked it down all the way to Carlisle!!

Anyway, moving on. I haven't done any more to Shimelles class today, or yesterday as it happens. I've been quite busy at work and too tired in the evening but I have managed to take some sad and angry pics of me, I'm having a play with them at the moment!!

I've got another busy day tomorrow but I'm hoping to get some time to look at my sad page for the class. I'm off to my first ever crop on Saturday "EEK". I'm looking forward to it but also nervous but I'm sure it will be fine. I'll let you know how I get on, they are running a couple of classes that I'm hopefully going to do so that will be fab.

Catch uze all later x


Anonymous said...

will look forward to see the next pages of your shimelles class

You will be fine at the crop just have fun do you know anyone that is going?

Di said...

I've chatted to them on the net Gaye and they couldn't have made me feel more welcome. I'm just a bit of a scaredy cat I suppose. Probably be fine when I've been there for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fab time at the crop! No doubt you will! :o)
I love that photo too, what a sky!
~*Gems*~ xx

Anonymous said...

Wowee! What an amazing piccy! xxx

Heather said...

Stunning picture Di, WOW!