Sunday, October 29, 2006

Relax and Creative!!

I really enjoyed doing these layouts in Shimelles class, I got alot more satisfaction out of these than I did with Angry and Sad.

Again I had to include some areas for hidden journalling and I'm keen to make all my pages completely different because I think my moods are all so different also!!

On the relax page I have created a little pocket with a top opening and inserted a tab complete with another, hopefully relaxed, picture of me.

On creative I decided to manipulate a couple of pics to try and emphasise my creative side (hope it works). I then added a couple of steel hinges so the photos flap out to reveal a space for more hidden journalling or maybe some more pics.

I now need to think about taking some more mood photos of me, back to the drawing board hey!!

On a normal day to day life in general note! I've had a really busy week but I think next week will be better so I'm hoping I'll be able to focus a little more on some of my crafty projects.

Ooh, and absolutely shock horror, I have to admit I BOUGHT some Christmas cards yesterday. They were on special offer and totally gorgeous and I got 18 for £6.40 so thats 18 less that I have to make - yippee!! I'll take a pic of them in the week and upload.

Right, off out soon, seez you later.


Anonymous said...

It looks fab Di - love the way you've used the same picture but altered the style no the RHS page. Very funky!! xxx

Anonymous said...

great stuff Di really like your album

Heather said...

This album is coming together wonderfuly, love these pages and off to the naughty corner with you for buying cards mwhahahahaha!!