Sunday, November 05, 2006

November ATC's - Christmas

Well I had 9 ATC's to do for the Bubbly Funk November swap and the theme was Christmas. These are meant to be sort of Folk Art style and I really enjoyed making them. I didn't quite finish them last night, I still had a few threads to tie through the buttons. We went for a lovely walk this morning but my hands were cold when we got back and, boy, it was hard work tying those threads.
Talking of walks, I had hoped to capture a few "Autumnal" shots this morning but all the trees round here are still too green so I may have to wait a while longer.
Shimelles Christmas Class is up for sign ups, I'm soooo tempted but it's double the price of the last class. Mind you it is 37 daily prompts which is alot but I'm always so busy in December, I'll have a bit of a think!


TraceyT said...

love em - sweetie hearts - fab colours too - well done Di x oooh i was umming over the xmas class, be too much for me what with hols etc (hee hee) it does look good though ... x

Nat xxx said...

Love the atc's- the colours are yummy!

I had problems getting some autumny shots a couple of weeks ago too - I had to shake a couple of trees a bit to get their leaves to drop!! Hope nobody from greenpeace was spying on me!!!!