Sunday, November 26, 2006

URGH - smell of paint.

Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a week - TUT TUT!! No excuse for not posting during last week but I have had a VERY good excuse for not posting this weekend!!!

Our office was in dire need of a bit of a freshen up - paint the ceiling, walls, storage cupboard and paintwork etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday afternoon we emptied the office which means:
a/. No internet (EEK!) and
b/. No crafting space (ABSOLUTELY HUUUUUUGE EEK!)

Saturday spent painting (well Tony did) and sorting out paperwork (my job).

Sooooo NO internet or crafting on Friday or Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

We did watch War of the Worlds on Saturday night, it's the first film I have watched in months and I actually quite enjoyed it - recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it yet!!

Sunday morning - started to get the office back to normal and actually useable by just after lunchtime. I'm happy now, got my internet back and access to my stash again's Monday again tomorrow - YUK!!

Ooooh, just to let you know. The Bubbly Funk Christmas Inspirational countdown starts on Thursday 30th November so do take a looksy at B.F's forum. I sort of got involved in doing........well.............pretty much most of it!!

That's it from me for now :-)


Anonymous said...

Eek at the no internet and crafting part! Hehe, glad you go it all sorted now :o)

Heather said...

Glad your back in crafty/net land :D

Nat xxx said...

Sounds well worth all the hassle though!!
We watched War of The Worlds on Sat too - and then had a massive lightening storm in the middle of the night so you can imagine how freaked out I was after watching that! I'm such a wimp!!!!!!!