Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Where has this last week just gone! In fact what is happening to November?

I've had a really good week, well the tail end of it was anyway.

Tony and I went to Birmingham on Thursday afternoon to meet Caroline and Rosie of Bubblyfunk at the travelodge we were all staying in.

There was a bit of a hiccup with telephone numbers but we got together in the end. It was so nice to meet them after all the cyber chatting we'd been doing.

We went off to the NEC on Friday, Caroline and Rosie had already been there on the Thursday, they were demoing the Xyron Personal Cutting System and myself, Di and Mel, also from the Bubblyfunk Design Team were meeting us there.

It was a fab day apart from the fact that my bottle went and there was no way I was going to do any demo's. Actually, I was all keen to have a go until I watched Rosie do a demo first. Well, she is a complete natural and, quite frankly, I would have looked like a total berk along side her so my confidence went down to zilch.

Anyway, it was great to meet all the girls and I'd love to meet up with them again sometime, Tony took pics of us all but our camera died just as we took ours so I'm hoping Caroline or Rosie will email theirs so I can get a piccie on here. And, the biggest surprise of all, I didn't spend any money there - phew, what a shock.

I thought I'd show you the latest additions to my Christmas collection, the Santas I bought in Scotland when we were up there and the little hanging signs I bought in a shop in town. Aren't they just fabaroo. I keep seeing those blasted brown baubles that are absolutely gorgeous, Tony even asked me how much it would set us back if I added yet another colours to my growing collection. But, I'm not going to buy them before Christmas, I'll wait and see whats in the sales. I've only used the burgundy and gold collection once so I think they should really come out again for a second year.


Heather said...

OOO what cute Santa's! Love those. Finding it hard to believe you spent no money hahahah! Good for you ;)

Nat xxx said...

Hello Di! So glad to hear you enjoyed the NEC - I've been waiting with baited breath to haer how it went!! Love the chrimbo decs - I'm inexactly the same predicament as you but think our old ones will have to make do this year as it will cost a small fortune to renew everything in one go!

Rosie said...

Hi Di!

Just been reading your blog - I'm so sorry I made you bottle it at the NEC so that you didn't feel you could demo :( You would have been fab at doing it. Don't forget I'd already spent all of Thursday talking about the machine and was in full swing on Friday when you got there.

It was great to meet you at last after all the cyber chat and lovely to meet Tony too (he is SO funny!).