Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brainy and Curious - ha ha ha

Well, as you can see, my best attempt at looking brainy was to peer over the top of a dictionery ha ha ha!!

So the next 2 pages are done for Shimelles class, I enjoyed doing these to and really getting into this hidden journalling lark. On brainy, the page itself has been built up with thick card as I needed to disguise the steel hinges from the creative page but what I've done is made a recess under the photo and inserted a 3 fold mini book (yet to be decorated and journalled). The mounted photo has ribbon for hinges and a little piece of velcro to secure it.

For the curious page I have created a pocket at the bottom and put in a 4 page mini book (again yet to be decorated etc) and fitted eyelets and used ribbons and beads to hold it together.

The words Brainy and Curious are hand cut but in the same colour as the main card, I sought of felt I didn't want the word Brainy to be too bold. It gives an embossed feel to the pages.

I've got the whole day to myself today and the morning has just flown, why doesn't it go this quick during the week.

I received a rather natty jigsaw piece from Caroline at Bubbly Funk this morning, 9 of us have a piece each and we've been asked to decorate them in a Christmas theme and send back to Caroline. She'll then put them together and put a pic on Bubbly Funks site so pop over and take a look, the completed puzzle should be on there by the beginning of December. To give you an idea of size, the completed puzzle is 12" x 12" so they're pretty big, approx 4" x 4" each piece!!

Right well, time is precious and I can't sit around here chatting all day.

Whatever you're doing, have a fabaroony weekend, catch you all later.


Anonymous said...

your book is looking fantastic Di - you've some brill ideas going there (love the jigsaw piece too x)

Nat xxx said...

hte latest entries in your book for shimmelees class are looking fabby - I love the soft colours and all the blosoms. What great hidden journalling ideas too.

Can't wait to see the completed jigsaw - what a cool idea - will keep my eyes peeled over on BF!

Gaye said...

the jigsaw piece looks lovely will also keep an eye out for the completed puzzle

your entries in your book are great like that the word is in the same colour