Sunday, November 19, 2006

Misty morning

We got up early to go for a walk this morning. We had to drive towards Chichester so we went up Bury Hill which isn't far from us. It was quite foggy but when we got to the top of the hill the landscape was amazing. We'd risen above the morning mist and I managed to get these shots, I think it must have been about 8.30ish this morning.
We had a fabulous walk for a couple of hours and then popped back to McDonalds. Now I haven't been to McD's for a long time, I'm not normally all that keen on their food but they've now brought in a range of deli foods and we had a beef and red onion relish roll. I have to admit it was absolutely delicious and has changed my way of thinking about McD's.
Now back home I'm settled into a spot of creativity, I really must finish the cj entry I started a few days ago and I have a whole host of things I want to get made and organized for Christmas and time is just passing me by way too quickly.
Seez you all later xx


Anonymous said...

Those photos are gorgeous! :o) I was lucky and didn't see 8:30am today, my lovely bf allowed me to have a lie-in and he got up with Ashton - yay! :o)

Gaye said...

my goodness out walking on sunday and on top of the hill by 8:30 i was still in the land of nod :D but by the looks of those photos it was totally worth it :)

Nat xxx said...

Gorgeous photos yet again Di! You're fab at this photography malarky aren't you?!!!


Heather said...

Once again you have taken thee most stunning pictures! Love them.