Monday, January 14, 2008

Been promoted!!

And all because of this photo.....

Nah, just kidding really! I use a photography forum quite regularly, they're a great bunch of peeps and many are very talented togs.

In my signature line I described myself as being a Very Novice Amateur. After posting this photo it was suggested by Chris, a tog who's work I admire very much, that I should drop the Very Novice!!'ve been promoted.

Yup, still grinning....perhaps I'm starting to crack this photography malarky!!!

Not much else to report, one or two issues going on right now that I'll explain in more depth another time.

Ooh, and I am keeping up with my Art Journal, I'm on my 3rd entry but it has developed into a kind of personal diary so, in the main, I'll keep it private for now.

Started my 2007 Christmas journal too and I have finished the front cover but there are one or two little bits I want to add so I'll post a pic in time.

Take care one and all.



Gail said...

Glad to discover your blog - some stunning work and photography. I'm also trying to improve my photography and did a one-day course recently.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Way to go Di! Glad your photography is getting the recognition it deserves! xx