Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I made a birthday card!!!!!

Now don't faint.....I know I'm not hot on making cards but I thought I'd give this a go.

Completely different from the stuff I normally do, this little fella has been hand drawn and painted in those fabby glittery water colours from The know...the one's they don't sell any more (along with their brill metallic acrylics)....tsk!

Anyway, the lettering was done on Robbie so all in all a very simple card, just how I like them LOL!

I've also done an entry in my art journal but it's a tad personal so I won't show the page this time but I have made up some rules for my journal, them there being that I must always try to
"Use scraps of paper only",
"Hand Write Everything",
"Include a Favourite Photo taken recently" (to encourage me to get the camera out),
"Make a Weekly Entry",
"Doodle or Draw each time"
and the last one being "Don't spend too long".
I have done this one because I tend to take an age doing anything creative, I dither about and I really need to learn to get a flow going so the entries in this journal are not going to be long winded affairs. I probably won't like some of them because of it but hey, thats life.

Righteo peeps...onwards and upwards.


Angelnorth said...

Awww, Eeyore is DH's favourite W the P character - yours is fab Di, your drawing and colouring look great. I didn't know The Works had stopped doing those paints!

I like the sound of your journal rules, great stuff!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

You drew that Eeyore?! Blimey Di!!! I wish I could draw like that. Would NOT look anything like Eeyore if I'd have done it I can assure you.

My local Works had some of the lookie likey H2O's before Christmas. Sadly they opened a shop in my town just for the Christmas period and it's closed again now.

Karen X said...

Awe your eeyore is so brilliant Di. you just know you should make more cards hon !!!

I think I should apply some of your art journal rules to myself - I am a terrible craft ditherer. X