Thursday, January 04, 2007

50p each.....................EEK!!!!

Couldn't decide which picture was best so I put both on LOL!

I bought these little beauties for 50p each today. They were massively reduced in a local garden centre and they are all skinny little tykes so they'll be ideal for LO's or they might even pop up somewhere in a Christmas Journal LOL!

But that was the good bit about my visit...............the bad bit is that they used to have a Craft Central in the garden centre which was ideal for me to pick up bits and pieces, I'm getting really short of DST at the know the sort of thing. But they've closed it down, they're moving it to another garden centre in a place I never visit.

Boooo Hooooo!

Now I'll have to trudge into town and I don't even know where to get it from there!! I guess there is a plus side, that's the third disappointing thing that has happened in a row recently so that's it now, no more disappointments for me HAAA HAAA!

Oooooh, and while I'm on, I've now know what the Alphabet Funk Blog is planning for you all on Sunday.............It's FABAROO but I'm not telling though, you'll have to look for yourselves.....hee hee hee!!

Take care and be good one and all.


Nat xxx said...

Cor - what a bargain! Can't wait to see them incorporated into one of your fabby projects!!! xxx

Heather said...

Super bargain there Di, lucky you! Not so lucky to have to search out new shops for essentials such as DST :( No more disapointments for you now whoohoo! Tale care xx

Roz Roz said...

Wow, great buys, have you tried poundland for DST. What where the other two dissapointments????

Thanks for dropping by my blog, always nice to know I'm not talking to myself. Mwahahahahahaha