Saturday, January 13, 2007

That Close!!!!!!!!!

Well, what a hectic week and a bit of a close call on Thursday. Tony and I went out for a walk round the village, part of our lose weight campaign!! We were crossing a road coming home and an incredibly stupid woman decided to cut the corner of the junction off while she was gayly chatting away to her friend in the car and started heading straight for me. She missed Tony by inches and I had to jump out of the way otherwise I would have been wrapped round her bonnet. A little nerve wracking to say the least. I won't repeat what I shouted at her but she took no notice, probably still engrossed in her conversation totally unawares I expect.

Well, I managed to get lots of work done this week and I've had plenty of crafting time in the evenings (I just can't be doing with tv at all)!! I've now completed my B page of the Christmas Journal (pics will go on the Alphabet Funk blog tomorrow after Carolines fabby slide show).

I have even managed to get something else made for the new blog but I can't post a piccie of it yet, you'll just have to wait a while hee hee!

Anyway, the pic below is of a tag book that is a gift for someone, it was meant for Christmas but it's going in a box I've made with some other things and I haven't managed to finish them all yet.

Still on our diet and I'm feeling better, my jeans are slowly but surely beginning to loosen so I'm pleased with that. I'm off to make a very nourishing and healthy fish pie for tea tonight.....yum yum. And I think I might have enough points for a Saturday night tipple or two later!


Nat xxx said...

Woah! Close call there with the crazy driver - glad you're both ok!The tag book looks fab! Sounds like you're beeing an angel on your weight loss campaign too- well done :) xxx

Heather said...

What a close call! Stoopid woman Grrrr. Glad the jeans are feeling better around the middle and I love your tag book. Take care xx

Roz Roz said...

How stupid are some people, don't they realise that big window in the front is to look out of. Glad your ok, and not splattered all over the road.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Some people's driving skills leave a lot to be desired. I'm glad you are ok!

Glad you are doing well on your diet! Mine starts on Monday.

The tag book looks fab :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh and tag by the way, hope you don't mind?! :o)

Beth said...

She's a norty norty woman!! So glad you are both alright and not harmed. Lovely tag book, you work with such flair, well done. Great news with the weight loss too, think you're doing better than me, oh poo, ;-)) what's your tip. Keep it going. Love Beth XX