Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We've had SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this is the first snow we have seen in this neck of the woods for....well.....years and it was FAB! I love snow, when I haven't got to drive in it, I even like going out for a walk in it too.

We'd hoped to have a walk this afternoon and take some pics but the snow had all but disappeared by mid afternoon. They have forecast more but I think it will probably only be a light dusting.

Anyway here's a couple of pics, the first one was taken just as it was getting light and I had the camera on night setting.

The second was taken much later when the sun was starting to shine.

I've taken a few close ups in the garden too and they seemed to have come out okay too so I'm a happy bunny!

Got some fabby stuff from Letraset today, it's called Safmat and you print whatever you want on it, cut loosely round it and burnish it down on to your artwork. I never manage to find rub ons that I like and this is the perfect solution for me all thanks to Kaz from Bubbly Funk for recommending it to me.

I've used it on my 3rd Art Journal card but I haven't taken pics yet, I'll either do that later or tomorrow.

Right, must get some yum yum's!

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Nat xxx said...

Oooh gorgeous pics - lovely :D Will love to hear how you find the samfat as I've been thinking about giving it a go but want to see some examples first. xxx