Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Art Journal Card - week 2

Catching up bit by bit now. This is week 2's card for the Emily Falconbridge Art Journal Challenge entitled "What is powerful to you?"

Well for me it is Laughter, I think everyone should laugh at least once every day if they can, it is such a tonic and very addictive!

It is meant to resemble Laughter being carried in a jeans pocket but when I showed it to Tony he didn't quite see it..........oh well, he either hasn't got an artistic eye or I am just pants at portraying a pair of jeans LOL!

Everything else is just normal day to day stuff so I won't bore you with it, I'm just enjoying being a little less stressed than I was and have enough momentum to spend my evenings crafting again.

I signed up for a couple of ATC swaps today, one on UKS - Carolines "Signs of the Zodiac" swap, I've managed to bag Virgo in one of the groups so I'm pleased with that.

The other ATC swap is on Bubbly Funk, the normal monthly one, for February it is "Feathers and Red".........EEK, have to have a bit of think about that one.

Catch up laterz peeps!


Di W said...

I saw that it was a jeans pocket Di!!! It's great the way you've done the stitching on your machine too.

Emily Falconbridge said...

cute idea with the pocket!!

Heather said...

Love your Jeans pocket, its sooo cool! Great idea. Hugs xx

Beth said...

That's an excellent idea with the jean pocket. Don't worry, that is MEN for you, they just don't see what we see, they can't help it poor souls!!(We love 'em really). Lol. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

I think it definately looks like a jeans pocket! :o) It is a really cute idea - love it.

Tracie H said...

I love your jeans pocket!