Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mod Podge

I bought some today! I've no idea what to do with it but I bought some anyway!! I've asked the very intelligent peeps on UKS and they have come up with some suggestions (I knew they would) so I think I'll be experimenting at some point.

I'm afraid to say that is about the most exciting thing I've done all day. Work was as dull as ever and I popped out to see a customer this afternoon, hence why I nipped in the craft shop. I really must stop going in that craft shop, I go down there every week and every week I say to myself "I don't need anything, just have a bit of a browse". Mmmm, my browsing always turns into spending!

Got my BG out again today and stroked it (after reading Nat's blog), it's still sitting here next to me, intact and not glued to anything, I guess I may use it eventually. (Ooh, just read that back, hope no non scrappers read it).

Oh, I was totally peeved today!! I normally take some info down to a customer on a cd. I got it all ready as per usual and then left the damn thing on my desk, didn't realise til I got down there. "Well that's easy" I said, "I'll just email it to you". So I did the decent thing and popped it on an email and left it to send while I had a quick looksy round UKS. Well this file is pretty large and all my outgoing emails get virus scanned so it was going to take some time. Got it 85% sent (only about an hour and a quarter later) and my damn connection got interrupted so it said re-send it. Grrr, I could have killed it, I'll have to try again tomorrow!

That's it from me I guess, you know, I find it amazing really, I wasn't going to put an entry on today because I had absolutely nothing to say and then I end up just waffling on for about an hour about complete nonsense!


xx Nat xx said...

I love waffles me - they taste great! So does BG - have you tasted yours yet?! It's yummy!! lol! xxx

TraceyT said...

waffles mmmmmmm - i have some modge podge too - but dunno what to do with either .. you'll need to let me know Di xxx