Saturday, June 24, 2006


I love Saturdays, especially when the sun's shining.

Haven't been up to much since my last blog. I would only have been able to have written about 2 lines of anything that may have been remotely interesting.

Off to bro's 50th birthday bash tonight. Should be a bit of a giggle. He absolutely HATES football with a passion and the World Cup is strictly out of bounds, taboo, definite no no. He won't even follow Englands scores and if you try to discuss it with him he almost shuns you away.

Well, get a load of the prezzies we've bought him:

He's got 2 car flags, a mug, some Thorntons England sweets and a very fetching large fuzzy England hat (which he is going to wear tonight)!!

I'll let you know his reaction tomorrow, if I can get a piccie I will.

I've done my LO for Jilly's cj - piccie below, I was really pleased with it. I haven't uploaded it to my gallery on UKS because we all decided it was better to have a surprise but Jilly agreed to me uploading a piccie here.

The flaps open out to reveal some more quotes etc inside.

I really enjoyed doing this entry and I'm looking forward to doing the next one when it arrives but we've got another week and a half yet before we send again.

Anyway, I haven't made bro's card yet so I must dash. Catch up with one and all soon xx

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alisonr said...

The cj looks lovely Di :) You've really put a lot into it.

ally x