Friday, June 30, 2006

Wot a complete donut!!!!

That's me! Doughnut, wally, idiot, berk (anything else you can think of).

Someone mentioned a few days ago that they couldn't leave a comment on my blog (I guess cos I had it set up so you had to be a fellow bloggy to leave a comment so I thought, okay, I'll change that. Went into settings and played around and somewhere it said that if you let anyone comment you can set to moderate the comments (or words to that effect) so I guessed that might be a good thing to do!!!!

Well I've been merrily updating my blog and for the last couple of days I've thought to myself, strange, since I've meddled, I haven't got a single peep out of a single peep (if you get my drift). Mmmm, in I go again to have a looksy on the settings and stumble across a very lovely selection of comments from you great peeps. Cos I'd set to "moderate comments" I was supposed to agree them first before they show up.

What a donkey I am!!!!

Anyway, sorted now, so the good news is, you weren't all lost in cyber space, you'd been buried in the depths of my complete stupidity!!

1 comment:

xx Nat xx said...

Yey!!!! Now I can jabber to myself on your blog as well as mine!!! :D