Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ooooh, used some BG

Amazing huh! I was really inspired last night, stayed up til gone midnight (a whole 2 hours past my bedtime). I printed off a great photo of Tony and got a couple of sheets of BG Skate Shoppe and there was no stopping me! Actually I was really pleased with how the LO came out.

I think my thing is the distressed look (ha ha, I wonder why), unfortunately most of the patterned papers I own aren't distressed so I guess I may be experimenting with a sheet of sandpaper or two.

I must also start to be a bit more selective about my stash purchases. I guess when I started out (way back in November)!! I needed (needed being the operative word) sooo much stuff that I tended to buy what was cheaper. My local craft shop is not particularly amazing for scrapping stuff so the range of papers aren't really at the top end and of course at the time I'd never even heard of Basic Grey, let alone stroked any!

It means, unfortunately, I'll have to buy more online and I'm not a big fan of this especially with all the bricks and mortar shops closing down. I do feel that they need our support! Perhaps I should look further afield for a shop to visit, you just can't beat being able to see stuff in the flesh before you buy.

Anyway, another day, another dollar!!

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Anonymous said...

Goregous LO ...Love the title