Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gone to the Dogs!

Well, I pigged out at the bbq, mind you there was enough food for about 20 people and there were only 8 of us!! So my flab battle continues, hey ho! No lager today though so that's a bonus. Well not yet anyway! Would be good not to, only got my customary couple of hours sleep just because I'd had a drop of Grolsch or two.

Fathers Day today, so we took Pa in Law to Brighton Dogs. It was actually really good down there, not too many people and 13 races (normally 12) a bonus because it was Dads Day. We're not naturally betting people so generally only go for £1 win (each) on each race. Didn't do so bad as it happens, just about won all our money back plus a couple of quid. That paid for the burger and chips that I just "had to have".

Ooh, and I managed to sort out the link thingy on the left hand side, so far I have got links to Nat, Beth and Tracey, my fellow team mates (big wave to you) and of course UKS, currently my 2nd home, but I really should get out more. My next challenge is the banner thingy to go across the top but I think that might be a tad more tricky.

My ever growing list of projects is just getting ridiculous now, I'd like to make an 8" x 8" album for my team mates digi LO's, I've got the cj to think about, I want to try ATC's (a set of World Cup ones ideally, but I think it will all be over by the time I manage it), I have more than 1 album on the go and mum bought me a load of childrens card books to alter. I've started doing this blog and also a sort of mini diary (today is the first day, we'll see if I keep that up)! A BOM is also on my list and I'd like to do a selection of canvases of Tony and I and there's also the mountain of photos that I want to scrap! I think I need to re-organise my life, work, housework and food shopping will just have to come off the agenda Hee hee! I wish!!

Talking of altered childrens books, here's a piccie of 1 I've just finished, I was going to load another pic of the inside but couldn't, I'll try again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

love the book Di - yummy colours x

xx Nat xx said...

Big wave back at you sweetie!!
Loving your blog - and if you crack the banner thing - you will let me know how to do it won't you haha!!
Nat xxx