Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another scorcher!

What is going on? This weather isn't normal is it? If we could have this every summer I'd never go abroad! Took a walk into town this morning, it's not too far, only takes about half hour but, boy, it was hot.

Still on my diet purge, trouble is I just can't watch an England match without lager. Then of course came Friday, end of the week, pub 100 yards up the road with a terrific garden, glorious weather, what does a girl do. Got invited to a BBQ tonight as well so I guess more lager then! Perhaps I'll start the diet on Sunday! well until Tuesday anyway, England on again!!

I stuck a hit counter on the bottom of my blog, just out of interest, as you do! I was a bit blown away by the number of times my blog has been viewed. It was almost a bit un-nerving really, I hadn't put an awful lot of thought into my first entry (well who would at 4.40 in the morning) but I didn't think anyone would actually read it!

Anyway, that's me for today, got to sort out how to do links on here, that should be a laugh!

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TraceyT said...

Hi Di welcome to blogger land x