Monday, June 19, 2006

Pingy Lips

You know the feeling don't you. When you've been out in the sun too long with no cream and your white squidgy bits have gone an unhealthy shade of pink. The skin feels tight, itches like mad but when you scratch it hurts like hell! I call that "pingy"! Well that's just how my lips felt tonight!

I thought I'd do the decent thing over the weekend and prepare a meal or two in advance so I set about making a shepherds pie and a chilli! Yum yum! Well all was going well until I was sprinkling a reasonable portion of chilli powder in, then out rolled a largish lump of the stuff!

I reckoned it might turn out a little bit on the warm side so when I heated it up tonight I whacked a load of lemon juice in to calm it down. Obviously not enough!

It was a good job we'd done a bit of salad to go with it, I'm not a fan of raw onion in salad but it tasted downright cool by comparison! Tony didn't complain, he likes his chilli on the warm side but he doesn't normally gulp down nearly a whole can of coke straight after dinner! So for a good 45 minutes after dinner I had "pingy" lips.

Anyway, today. Woke up early so went for a good walk this morning (about 6.30ish, mad I know). All helping in my quest to lose weight. Eaten like a sparrow today so that'll go someway to making up for the blow out on the bbq.

Work was dull as always but did pack up a bit early, went and cleared up the garden a bit and did the ironing so overall a pretty ordinary day.

Now settled into something more creative, making bro a birthday card then onto something quite possibly scrapping related!

Tried again to load up the inner pages of my altered childrens book but it wouldn't go on yesterdays post. Going to attempt it on this one.

Yay, it worked, whoopee doo dah!

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xx Nat xx said...

Ah - pingy lips - i know that feeling well! Love the beautiful board book - i had one free with a pregancy mag a couple of months ago and I may try something similar with it - love the colours you've used, they are gorgeous!